At the dock, electricity and water can be a hazardous combination.  To help marinas, boat owners and builders meet the new ABYC Code Requirements, Hubbell Marine…

…introduces an innovative line of Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI) Shore Power Inlet Adapter Kits.  Designed to draw stray electrical current, these inexpensive ELCI interface solutions provide a simple and flexible method for easily adapting a variety of ELCI sensors and breakers to Hubbell’s proven stainless steel and non-metallic shore power inlet housings. 

            Keeping boaters safe, an ELCI provides 30mA ground fault protection for the entire AC shore power system.  Available in 30A and 50A versions, the advanced ELCI Shore Power Inlet Adapter Kits include a Hubbell Shore Power Inlet, matching housing and stainless steel hardware. 

            The mounting adapter plates are compatible with multiple ELCI sensors and breakers, including Carling Technologies, North Shore Safety and Sensata Technologies units.  Suggested retail prices of the advanced ELCI Shore Power Inlet Adapter Kits from Hubbell start at under $200.

Effective July 31, 2010, ABYC E-11.11.1 requires that “an Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI) shall be installed with or in addition to the main shore power disconnect circuit breaker(s) or at the additional over current protection as required by E-, whichever is closer to the shore power connection.”

For over 120 years, Hubbell has specialized in dependable electrical equipment.  Trusted by builders and owners around the world, it supplies marine-grade power cords, adapters, plugs, connectors, switches, receptacles, wall plates and internationally-rated devices.

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