Bow High in a Classic Chris Craft

Chris Craft wanted the two cockpits forward with the engine and its shafting behind them.

They wanted a shorter boat model for a lower price point in their production boat line-up. (boat building was their business, not their hobby, duck hunting was one of their hobbies).

 This is a 1959 Chris Craft with a 283 Chevy V-8 that says Chris Craft on the marine parts like the exhaust manifolds. And this one is a looker.  A super nice looking boat that looks like it has just had a fresh restoration. I would love to have it in my drive way.

Her critical numbers? 18’ 0” down the certerline and 6’ 7” beam (wide) with a weight of about 2,450 lbs on average, before one fill up the 20 inboard gallon gas tank. One of about 63 or 65 built and then the model was dropped because the word got out that she rode so bow high that you just could not see over the bow easily.

Modern Driver adjustable trim tabs (Bennett brand) fix most of this bow high  issue, so all is not lost, if you get a Classic inboard Chris Craft  like this cheap enough or fall in love with a boat as you walk by.

BTW, the Chris Craft Club (and its resources) is the best marque club, and on by its self it may be reason enough to own a Chris Craft …its that good

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