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Two or Three Engines for you?

Caution, if you pick the three engines choice for your boat, watch your propeller selection, lower unit life, and fuel mileage. Both choices are good choices for a $350,000 new Center Console boat. Say, one in the mid-30s in length.

Prop selection. In a three engine power set-up, the center engine uses a different spec prop than the two outside ones to properly match the engines to the boat. With two engines, the two propellers are the same spec and mount on the transom at a uniform height. This mounting height may, or not, be true for a triple engine boat.

With the different prop spec and other correcting mounting adjustments necessary for a three engine boat, the life of trouble-free use of the center engine seems to be in question. Often, the lower unit below the cavitation plate has a shorter life within the center engine, compared to the two outside engines. Make sure that the warranty of all your engine parts are covered by a factory guarantee plan with your three engine boat and that it clearly states that all three engines on your one boat are equally covered and any warrantee plan extension is also available with the same equal engine coverage -FOR ALL THREE ENGINES.

Seabuddy took two center consoles listed below, one with two engines, one with three. In all of these sets of rounded numbers the three engine boat is listed first. Length 35’ 6”, 33’ 6”; Beam 10’ 10”, 11’ 7”; 90 GPH fuel burn at 54 MPH, 68 GPH at 51 MPH; 33 MPH with 33GPH fuel burn, 31 MPH with a 25 GPH fuel burn.


2011 Grady White photos and information

2011 model year Grady-White boat

The Freedom is a Grady-White family cruiser


Grady-White Launches “Ultimate in Versatility,” New 25-Foot Freedom 255 Comfort-Filled, Bred-For-the-Ocean Family Cruiser


Specs: 24’ 9” with a 8’ 6” beam, fuel capacity is 153 gal., weight without a motor is 4,375 lbs. Built to take and work well with the Yamaha 350 Hp outboard

A Grady–White spokesperson is quoted by seabuddy…

“…Aboard the Freedom 255, there is roomy bulk storage under the bow seating for all kinds of gear–you name it. The starboard console offers a big bulk storage area roomy enough for camping gear, beach toys and more. The stand up enclosed head area in the port console is roomy and convenient for a day on the water with the family. There is plenty of room in that head area for fishing rods plus storage nets and bulk storage areas… “

Seabuddy says…I test drove the last new boat from Grady-White in South Florida in Feburary and that one’s ride set a new standard for ride and handling for me in its class. This one should prove to be another class leading winner from the Grady-White…”

more to come in another post

VEC boats, sterndrive, outdrive, and larson boats

photo of VEC boat sterndrive hull part coming out of the VEC mold

Larson is expected to continue using VEC for its 23  foot and shorter boats for 2011. Glastron boats may or may not use the VEC molding process for its boats made in MI.

No 300 Hp Yamaha Outboards shipping to dealers / boat builders

If you want a 300 Hp, you have to wait.  No defined (set) availability date is given out.

If you want the latest,  ask for a 250 Hp.



  F300 Offshore F250 Offshore F225 Offshore
Engine Type V6 (60º) V6 (60º) V6 (60º)
Displacement 4.2L (254 ci) 4.2L (254 ci) 4.2L (254 ci)                        
W.O.T. RPM Range 5000-6000 5000-6000 5000-6000                        
Alternator Output @ W.O.T. 70A 70A 70A                        
Compression Ratio 10.3:1 10.3:1 10.3:1                        
Fuel/Induction System DOHC Fuel Injection VCT DOHC Fuel Injection VCT DOHC Fuel Injection VCT                        
Lubrication Wet Sump Wet Sump Wet Sump                        
Ignition System TCI Micro Computer TCI Micro Computer TCI Micro Computer                        
Preferred Fuel Octane 89 P.O.N. 89 P.O.N. 87 P.O.N.                        
Starting System Electric Electric Electric                        
Shaft Length 25in., 30in. 25in., 30in. 25in., 30in.                        
Gear Ratio 21:12 (1.75) 21:12 (2.75) 21:12 (1.75)                        
C.A.R.B. Rating 3-Star 3-Star 3-Star                        
Weight* 558 lb (253 kg) 558 lb (253 kg) 558 lb (253 kg)                        
Warranty 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat – 1 Year Limited Commercial 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat – 1 Year Limited Commercial 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat – 1 Year Limited Commercial                        


$24, 000 and a little more

One of the hot deals late this winter will be the Nautic Star Deck Boat at a special price. A 40 mph, 20 foot, warm weather, deck boat with a four Stoke Outboard is a nice rig at a great price for a fresh, new, 2010 boat.

Yes, add snap-in cockpit carpet, some electronics, and a trailer and the “out-the-door” price will be higher…but still a bargain.

Yes, one can upgrade to a 150 Hp if you plan on always carrying a full load and doing a lot of water sports. Yes, you can upgrade the steering system for a more secure feeling, but you can miss the point by adding to many options. Get into family boating without breaking the budget.

Why does seabuddy say “warm weather”? You will see for yourself once you and Mom take a sea-trial ride.

40 mph? Yup, with a light load. Less than that once the ice chest, boat gear, and towels come aboard.

The 20 feet LOA is needed for the room that a young family needs for a full morning on the water.

Nautic Star uses a 3 Star rated engine with this boat and motor rig. A three Star engine is far better than a 2 star rated engine in today’s world. Ask your dealer how this benefits you.

Take a look on their website hot link listed below…

seabuddy words with a seabuddy version of a boat builder photo

Yamaha Outboards at the Miami Boat Show

Yamaha Outboards is set to dominate the inside ground floor of the Miami Convention Center at the 2010 Miami Boat Show among the marine engine manufacturers. They have upped their floor space and are whispering about new product first showings. One should expect to see their new four stroke big Hp O/Bs, something new in water jet power, and other surprises.

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