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2011 new Grand Banks yacht

For over 50 years, Grand Banks yachts have not only captivated boaters, they have also captured the attention of journalists and media around the world. Through countless boat tests, sea trials and editorial reviews, our yachts have consistently come out on top, winning wide acclaim for their powerful performance, uncompromising quality, and legendary designs. It’s no wonder that many GBs have been included in various “All-Time Top Ten” lists in magazines throughout the years.

These words are intended to cover all models in all their sizes in all their their ranges, current and past.

OK, let’s move past that; In order to sell 2010 and 2011 model Grand Banks will all go faster than old ones and then you are told to throttle back to get displacement fuel economy when you want to.  I strongly dis-agree. A good, marine deisel needs about an hour at the front end of each cruising day to thoughly warm the engine and all its systems The rpms and loads placed on those two regluar cruising rpm speeds  the engines.

Check out the window size the extra sense of space and airilyness, the zueus, pod driving shaft angle., zero shaft angle speed gain over down angle.