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Wellcraft Nova wins Best Fiber-Classic Award

"Best Fiber-Classic" Award winner leaving the Classic Boat Show by its own boat bottom

The top fiber-classic shown all weekend at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival in the St. Michaels Maritime Museum was a 1972 Wellcaft Nova.

Bill accepted his craft’s Award Trophy and true to many owners of Classic Boats, got in, sat down, fired it up, and cruised his Nova home from the show (no trailer – queen this one!)

This boat is a 1972 sterndrive model and was built by Wellcraft Marine in Sarasota, FL.  Bill is a member of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS.

The Nova 24 design started out along the lines of a Donzi 7 Meter that was first designed by Allan “Brownie” Brown and Dick Cole. That team also used parts of a Cary offshore racer boat deck for the Nova 24 deck design.

Two things dominate a Nova 24 running surface; the deepest deep vee ever (24.7 degrees) and a wide running strake  that got to “carry” the boat’s weight at speeds above 40 mph, making for a faster, better riding hull than a full with boat bottom would give. In later years, the spacing of those extra-wide strakes dated the high-speed aspect of the Nova 24. She was designed as the best rough ocean water boat up to 55 mph, bar none. But, as the speeds needed to be called a truly fast boat in the 1990’s went above 70 mph, the Nova was no longer the boat to have.

From that Donzi 7 Meter beginning the Nova 24 became its own company and brand, with Brownie at the helm of the brand. Brownie and company partner, Bill Wishnick, a well known offshore racer in his own right, and boat designer Dick Cole “designed” the Nova 24  for the new company, Nova Marine

Nova Marine built around 125 Nova 24 boats before it sold the molds and rights to Wellcraft Marine in 1971.

Nova Marine used v-drives and twin engines totaling 470 Hp for speeds just under 50 mph at WOT. Wellcraft switched to sterndrives for a faster power boat and an easier to build power boat, as by then sterndrives had improved enough to take the higher Hp of V-8 Hp marine racing engines made. Think 4,000 -5,000 all up weight and a soft hole shot with that extreme deep vee and a ride in big ocean chop that is as soft as can be experienced.