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Is the Mastercraft CSX 220 going away at Mastercraft boats in 2011 or 2012?

Over-head boat photo of the Mastercraft boats CSX 220

Photo of X-25 Mastercraft cockpit that uses the same Mastercraft hull

Is it going from a Direct Drive inboard (engine in the center of the boat) to a V-Drive inboard ( the engine at the back end of the boat)?

Will the rear mounted V-Drive inboard system improve the fuel economy and top speed over the direct drive set-up (42 – 43 mph with a 400 Hp engine in a 22’ boat)?

Has Hydra-Sports center console boats now ended the entire CSX center console model line at Mastercraft by 2013?

For 2010, Mastercraft reused their CSX 220 hull for their new X-25 water sports boat.

This hull is known for its good tracking, high wake, and inspiring a sense of handling confidence in its driver.

The Mastercraft X-25 now outsells the CSX 220.

Will the Mastercraft CSX 220 deck and cockpit layout go away entirely for 2011 or 2012?

How will new 2011 models of the Hydra-Sports boat line also owned by the same parent investment companies, effect marketing, sales, and the dealers for Mastercraft boats and their salt water model line-up?

Are there big discounts coming soon to the Mastercraft dealerships, as Century Boats is offering to their dealers now?

All of this is just the opinions and open questions of 30 year veteran of the marine trades, Chris Brown, seabuddy, and not yet known.

226 Nautique bow rider / wake board / family lake boat

Billed as a crossover this one is very good at wake board water sports and fair to good at family lake boating and not any better than a I/O at ski activities in my opinion… while wasting fuel in the process. Wasting fuel? Yes, an v drive inboard burns about 20% more fuel than an I/O, in general. Why? The I/O has power trim to get the boat to run at its most efficient cruising speed. While the 226 Nautique has a wake plate and ballast system, in this case, it does not cause the boat to be adjustable enough to get to the best fuel efficiency cruising speed. Just look at the top speed numbers in the low 40s compared to similar I/O boats getting speeds in the high 50s with 343 to 409 Hp engines. 

Check out the reversible skier observer seat to port, its great and a new idea in family boating. Or you have a looking-at-the-kids up front in the bow rider area with two easy flips of a sturdy cushion.

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