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The largest Yacht at the Show…

…Was a 80 foot Trumpy made in Annapolis, MD in 1947. Privately owned and not chartered, she cruises the West coast of FL in the winter, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay in early summer, and then with several runs up to and around the water of New England later in the year. She is a family “cruiser”, and does a lot of cruising.

While the crew does much of the maintenance, Moore Marine out of Rivera Beach, FL.did some below deck accommodation changes a few years back to make her a better fit the yacht to her owners.

Owned by a practicing attorney and his wife in D C, who spent most of his youth growing up in Baltimore, she a user yacht that is also a yacht at home as the center piece of a classic boat show.

Similar sized perfect pieces of the history of Annapolis and boating charter out for $25,000 per week plus crew, meals, and food costs.

Note, inconsideration of the owners’ privacy, seabuddy choose to edit out the owners names and information when blogging about such a treasure.

Sorry for the photo quality, she passed my photo boat to port and seabuddy was forced to shoot into the sunset.