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Spend about $1,000 and get the BEST value deal on this Monterey bowrider boat for 2010

Volvo V-6 engine with an SX outdrive

Volvo offers its feature packed SX sterndrive coupled to its Chevrolet 4.3 sourced Volvo V-6 marine engine to Monterey Boats. Then Monterey Boats has priced that upgrade at about the $1,000 final price.

Get more; 1) engine 2) get-up-on-plane power 3) a far smoother shifting system in the outdrive 4) with power steering  included in the package. This deal at Monterey boats makes a real statement.  

Chris Brown (seabuddy) is going to compare a Mercruiser marinized 4 cylinder engine packaged with a Alpha I outdrive (the base engine / outdrive package) to the $1,000 upgrade charge for Volvo’s marinized Chevrolet beginner V-6 engine with its Volvo SX outdrive this time.

1)      Biggest difference you will get for your $1,000 will be FAST ACCELRATION in your Monterey boat. Why? The ability to twist up the speed of the prop like a rocket booster is onboard the bowrider comes from the torque increase. The 4 has 150 ft. lbs. or torque at 2,000 rpm; the V-6 has 240 ft. lbs. At 3,000 rpm its about 170 ft. lbs. for the 4 and 250 ft. lbs. for the V-6. This is the engine speed range that a bowrider boat uses to get up on plane. This makes the difference in getting going.

2)      The SX Volvo outdrive shifts F-N-R using a cone clutch like a Bravo I, II, III drive and the Volvo DuoProp all do. The Mercruiser 4 uses a dog clutch. A dog clutch bangs or clunks when shifting. A Cone clutch is smooth and quiet. Hear and feel the difference in the water for yourself.

3)      Power steering is not included with a 4 cylinder engine in a Monterey boat. Its about a $300 option to add it while the Monterey bowrider boat is being crafted.

4)      GM builds most of either engine for both Mercruiser and Volvo. The GM assembly plant for the 4 is Toluca, Mexico.  The GM assembly plant for V-6 is Romulus, Michigan.

5)      The V-6 does not require a Catalectic Converter to be emmissions legal in 49 states. The in-line 4 does. That is why its only a $1,000 for all of the above.

180 FS 2010 Monterey Boat