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Special Pricing , 22’ 5” Cobalt Boat, 210

If you are a boater, you have experienced or heard about the legendary Cobalt ride.  The deep vee hull shape with the deep vee at the correct spot for the best ride, the Cobalt innovation of an extended running surface, and the chine width and angle for “top shelf” driver control.

If you love a bow rider, you value the quick-to-plane eagerness of the balanced hull, the always easy-to-see the water “just ahead” feature, the boat’s ability to stay on plane at lower speeds. The “stable bite” of the new Cobalts at faster and faster speeds.

If you boat with a family, you like the Cobalt cockpit deep sides and deep seating, even in the kid’s bow rider area, and the easy entry into the cockpit from the water.

You know of the Cobalt industry firsts in using a scuff plate, flip-up seating, special hinges, windshield positive latching, a pop-up or down ski tow, special poles, metal, and bracing for the bimini top.

Here in this Cobalt boat are some additional Cobalt boat standard features; 100% hand laid hull, composite structural stringers and other compnemts, the use of Kevlar in the hull construction, a “barrier coat” in the hull Lay-up,all the colors molded into the boat, not taped on top of its gelcoat.

She will break 50 mph at your request via the throttle with the V-8.