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Biggest Little Yacht…seabuddy agrees

Not yet finished for the upcoming Annapolis Power Boat Show

Fleming Yachts has purchased the tooling and intellectual property of Corvette Marine, the British builder of the popular Corvette 320 family cruiser. An all-new Corvette 340 is now in production at the Tung Hwa boat yard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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Best of Show – Utility Class at the Antique and classic Boat Festival

Look at the outstanding level of finish for this classic boat show winner

A NJ built boat, brought to the Father’s Day Weekend  Classic Boating Event by a member of the Philadelphia Chapter – ACBS, wins  Best utility at the Maryland Classic Boat Show hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter –ACBS.

The restored 64 year old 18 foot Deluxe Runabout built by then West Atlantic City based Ventnor Boat Works in 1946 swept the crowded class of classic boat entries and took top honors at the Awards Barbeque on Sunday, June 20, 2010.

The boat and its presentation on historic Navy Point within the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum was a first class addition to this year’s 23rd addition of the Antique and Classic Boat Festival. Tigger II, was one beautiful “piece of furniture that floats” kind of boat within the field of 11 acres of classic boats and Festival Events, organized by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of ACBS.

Boat owners, Brian and Ellen, hailing from their primary ACBS Chapter of Philadelphia are also secondary chapter members of Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS and the Lake Hopatcong- ACBS. Many of the readers of seabuddy / Chris Brown know Brian personally, and are aware of his commitment to ACBS at both the Chapter level and at the International Level, and know that he holds officer positions in each.

Back to the winning Boat. See it to believe it, seabuddy says. I just hope my snapshots here do the foredeck level of finish justice.

classic wood boat

note the presentation at the waters edge

ventnor boat works championship boats

see the three point hydro in the ventnor boat logo

boat deck Ventnor boat wood runabout

mascot Tiger II classic wood boat

cockpit classic wood runabout

perfect wood boat cockpit