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Boat Builder discounts to Boat Dealers

The 10 to ? Millions in rebates and mark downs that the boat builders have straight out GIVEN to their dealers to re-price leftovers, and “in the weeds” field inventory of non-current (not 2010 model year) boats seems to be working.
One boat builder reported to seabuddy that their brand went from 3,200 (non-current) boats to less than an average of “less than four” boats per dealer -over – all- for their line of  boats (varies by state, though).
PS if you want one, look and buy it now.
Much of that discount money is tied to expire June 30, 2010, even if the boats are not sold. They tie sales bonus money and time limitations to these types of things.
Another Boat Builder has one or two models in his line with $18,000 in even more (extra) rebates to his dealers per boat to get the boats sold by then.
The pipeline was full of non-currents a year ago and now even the banks have a extra value in place for non-currents over used boats of the same model year. (seabuddy hears it is a 6% – 7% spread).
So, what should you look to pay? Get a used book price book reading from a local bank and offer an extra 6% over that used boat figure for the same model year non-current boat  is a start. About $53,000 for the same model year new (never been in the water boat) over a $50,000 price shown for a used example. Knock off another $1,000 if it has been in the water or demonstrated less than 3 hours on the hour meter.