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Rolls Royce powered Century Coronado

Th only one ever made

For the New York Boat Show Century made a special 1963 Coronado 21’ luxury runabout. She featured a clear plexiglass engine box to replace the standard middle seat  and vinyl covered wood engine box.

Why? This was the only Century Coronado ever made powered with a Rolls Royce V-8 engine. The engine in this boat was a show stopper!

While the engine made headlines in the press and with the boaters at the New York Boat Show, she did not run as well as everyone expected and she was expensive with that Rolls Royce V-8 engine.

The Century Boat Company replaced the Rolls Royce engine with a Graymarine V-8 and installed the standard middle seating and the standard engine box when the did the engine repower, before selling this one as a 1964 model to a retail boat owner.

The boat reflects some 1963 model Century Coronado features and some 1964 Century Coronado details.

Seabuddy / chris brown first saw this unique 21’ Century Coronado boat at the New York boat show, at its introduction.

Photo from Century Boat Club, thanks.