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Chris Craft boat / yacht, steel and aluminum

Here is a restored 1967 Chris Craft, that was built in Holland, MI, at the Chris Craft Roamer Division factory. Roamer, was a company that Chris craft acquired in 1955 and its offerings are perhaps best represented by this hull length and beam. About 230 examples of the 37’ by 12’ 10” hull were made in the 1965 through 1968 model years. The most popular Roamer hull (35’ 2” by 12’ 0”) had preceded the 37’ with 366 units in the 1956 to early 1960s time frame. Chris Craft Roamer 37s were offered with two small block Chevy, big block Ford, or GM diesel engines, for a cruising speed of 10 – 12 mph and a maximum speed of 18 or so mph.

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