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Big Skipper’s Berth plus… Wow! Lots of Light inside

the cabin front windows make the difference

Experience the light inside the 2860 Regal cabin cruiser with the curtains pulled back and you will have seen the best there is available inside a boat cabin for airiness and sunshine brighten your boating weekend. Regal 2860 wins this point hands down.

Next, lay out on the skipper’s berth and see the biggest size berth there is for a good nights rest. Again, the Regal 2860 wins as it’s a “no contest” in this size class cabin cruiser.

Check off what else is important in a cruiser and a 2860 Regal cabin cruiser is competitive in all respects.

Competitive in everything that one looks for in a cabin cruiser and “the best in class” in two points of top importance.

Take a look, there is a sale going on right now.

clean running hull design that is well balanced

Regal speed hull Bowrider w/Volvo-Penta DuoProp

See the break in the water about midships to see the Fast Trac Raegal hull

Regal makes family boats that save fuel and go fast for their engine Hp. You should buy and pay less for a smaller engine and go just as fast while using less fuel because of the Regal Fast Trac hull bottom that is special to see and took years to develop and refine at Regal Boats.

In the Regal 2300 bowrider the Fast Trac hull really shines. Take a ride to feel this for yourself. It is an award-winning design that pays off everyday you are on the water. She gives a special experience for a 24’ LOA bowrider.

The next thing that any Regal boats bowrider boat discussion must include is the up-scale features that come standard with the boat. SS bows in the standard Bimini top (not aluminum), a 54 gallon fuel tank, an onboard fresh water supply, stainless steel hinges in the cockpit, docking lights, SS hand rails, depth gauge, cockpit carpet, tilt on the helm wheel, flip-up bolster seating for the co-captain and the captain, auto fire set-up, battery switch, SS detailing on the windshield,…the list goes on. These very well may be options or even not available on other boats that come standard with the Regal 2300.

Note…Do not pass over a full review of the folding arch tower when you inspect the boat for yourself.

tower arch folded down - its special

Pick a DuoProp sterndrive (outdrive) from Volvo-Penta matched up to either a 300 or 320 Hp Volvo marinized Chevrolet engine (these are 350 cu. in. engines with different internal parts to develop their Hp and Torque at different rpm levels to match up the power package of Volvo engine, Volvo DuoProp, and the 3,900 lb boat to deliver what you want, when you want it to a captital T.

Also, remember, the stripe and the gelcoat hull color molded in while the hull is being first molded. Seabuddy (Chris Brown) likes either red or the black, personally.

regal 2300 bowrider windshield detailed in SS

The tower arch set at full height

a good balance of storage spaces and water access

2700 Bow Rider Boat w/ Volvo inboard outboard

Why does this Regal run faster with 50 less Hp than other 24 degree deep, deep vees?

Their work on fine tuning this hull. She has a very deep vee for a soft ride and wave splitting. That usually means that a bow rider takes MORE Hp to run at the same speed as a similar size boat with less of a deep vee.

So how does Regal do it? They took a race boat idea that has been around for 100 years, but banned from sanctioned races for much of that time, as it proved to be the way to make a boat faster at WOT and even lessen how much fuel a racer used.

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Short Sale on Boat Inventory

this says it all…

SunDance Marine Authorized to Short Sale all Inventory!
• SunDance Marine to accept bids on all existing inventory below invoice cost.
• All Purchases must be cash or pre-approved financing.
• All engine and manufacturer warranties remain in effect.
• All 2007, 2008 and 2009 existing Inventory, as equipped.
• Manufacturers include Wellcraft (including Scarab models), SilvertonRegalFormulaOceanVenture
• Program authorized for existing inventory only and will not be approved on new orders.
• Program covers all SunDance Marine, Inc. inventory as of July 1, 2009, and listed on SunDance Marine website: