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Miss America – boats and Gar Wood – boat racer

Gar Wood, the boat racer…his first racing boat was his Miss Detroit. He bought that boat.

Gar Wood set his first boat racing world record in 1920 in the first race boat he caused to have built, Miss America. The new boat racing record was at 74.870 mph.

Wood then had a series of race boats designed and built and named II through X versions of Miss America.

These racing boats took Gar Wood to five Gold Cup race wins. Gar Wood also won the Harmsworth Trophy nine times.

In his Gar Jr. II boat, Wood beat the train up the Hudson River and another beat the Havana Special train from Miami to New York by making the run in 47 hours and 23 minutes. The train took 12 minutes longer.

Gar Wood was the first boat racer to break 100 mph on water in Miss America IX. That was in 1931.

Gar Wood, in his Miss America X, was also the world’s fastest boat racer at over 124 mph in a timed straightaway.

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Wow, top-shelf Hi-Po Speed Boat at the Miami Boat Show!

You have to see this one at Miami!
Look for it at booth C58 (Statement Marine) at the intersection of the four corners of Sea Ray, Chris Craft, Midnight Express, and the Statement Marine booths.
Ask about the ride of this boat for a new idea in boating comfort while going fast in a speed boat.