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Mercury Racing offers 1,650 Horsepower Stern Drive for 2014 model year

They also offer 1,350 horsepower and 1,100 horsepower I/O packages for this coming model year.  These are all 9.0 litre engines with quad cams,port fuel injection,  turbo-chargers, and computer controls via special systems that vary the turbo boost as well as run the DTS. It is almost a straight-up, square-torque curve engine with all the items as designed and under control. These are dry sump engines, BTW. WOT is 6,000-6,500 rpms. They all require Mercury Racing Pro Finish CNC sterndrive 5 or 6 blade props that are sold separately. Go to a Mercury Racing authorized dealer like for more info.

mercury racing marine engine 1650 sterndrive i o inboard outboard

Mercury Racing photo of 2014 model year 1,650 HP marine engine and outdrive

The 1,350 and 1,100 horsepower engines use available marina gas dock for fuel, while the top 1,650 HP strictly requires 112 racing gas. Both of the milder 9.0 liter engines come with a one year warranty, but to somewhat limit the 1,650 Hp engine to racing use only, MerCruiser does not offer any warranty.

There are deals out there for all three of these engines, so do not be put-off by list prices. At the same time, these heads, blocks, and many other features are custom-to-Mercury Racing parts, so do not think they compete with your local engine builder. Think about a cool $250,000 for two engines and drives, as a starting point, but one should be talking speeds over 150 MPH and as high as 200 MPH.

All of these marine engines come with Mercury Racing’s M8 which is a 35% stronger, upgraded drive from the legendary world champion Six Drive.  This is their top performance out drive. Mercury also offers the NXT, Bravo 1 XR, and then Mercury Marine offers, Bravo I, II, III drives for pleasure boaters.

Boat racing video (fast forward to about 6:35 into the 9 minute  youtube)


mercury marine mercruiser 1350 HP engine i o sterndrive outdrive

1,350 HP Mercury Racing marine engine and M8 outdrive


mercury racing mercruiser marine engine sport boat

mild version of 9.0 liter 2014 Mercury Racing 1,100 HP marine engine and drive

Cobalt Boats Sets the Runabout World on Fire with its New R 5 Model

Her hull is designed for big lakes, open sounds, and expansive bays. Her interior is especially “yachtesque” with a dance-floor-wide cockpit in a bow rider configuartion. Exceptional water and pier access has been designed-in, not offered as an option. The new R 5 Cobalt is a customer’s boat. Understanding functional luxury requires study of this boat.

fiberglass boat photo image cobalt r 5

The running surface of the new 2013 Cobalt R 5

Cobalt listens to its customers and then it designs a boat to meet their needs. This Cobalt boat has a 21 degree transom deadrise, narrowed strakes, a sharper bow entry angle, and a careful respect to boat balance. Take a ride, experience how a sport boat can perform on your waters.

A driving push for this boat is the cockpit experience for boat owner and guests alike. Take a look for yourself—Cobalt has done something way different here than others have done in the past. The main seating offers many surprises that delight all onboard. The bow cockpit seating is huge and provides a wonderful place to lounge in the sun on the water. Shade is available for the main cockpit. The on-board storage on this boat is outstanding The head is easy to enter and generously big once inside. This runabout defines “ergonomics” for this class of sport boat. Vinyl, leather, hi-tech fiberglass, custom crafted metal, and a touch of wood accent trim sets an ambiance that few can match, even when one compares this new boat model boat to a classic boat from the 1930s.

fiberglass inboard outboard cobalt boat photo image bow rider

The new R 5 Cobalt bow rider, factory boat photo

Cobalt’s new R 5 has a LOA of 25’ 8” with a beam of 8’ 6” and a weight of around 4,900 LBS. She is certified by the Coast Guard to carry 14 passengers or 2,250 LBS of passengers and gear. Cobalt offers a selection of engines from 300 to 430 horsepower.

seabuddy thanks Cobalt for its photos.

Jim Wynne, Donzi Sweet 16, and Holman Moody

Donzi Marine Sweet 16 Ski Sporter classic fiberglass boat image

Note the Ski Sporter name on the trailer for this Donzi Marine 16'

Jim Wynne first showed his (or Charlie Strang’s) new out drive with a Volvo engine at the New York Boat Show in January of 1959. This was the beginning of the modern stern drive. One of the first boats that Jim used to promote that stern drive was a wood 18 foot boat made by Woody Woodson. Wynne had success on the race course with that boat. Seeking a lighter boat to go with his small Volvo engine and now Volvo-Penta Aquamatic I/O he designed a 17’ boat in wood that he called the Wyn-Mill II. That boat but used a deep vee hull with a low profile and therefore was lighter than the Woodson made boat. He won eight marathon racing records with his new boat powered by an out-drive over the next few years. Most of the boats that he beat used far more horsepower than what Wynne had in his Volvo engine and Volvo stern drive powered 17’ boat. Jim by now worked for Don Aronow and he was a boat builder. One of his companies wanted a small sport boat to zip around and they thought that by using the Wyn-Mill II as a starting point for a new boat with a 110 Hp. Volvo gas engine and its Aquamatic drive. They did not splash it, as the final production boat had differences like were the strakes were located and they also shortened it to a 16’ 71/2” long with a 7’ beam and 24 degree deep vee hull bottom fiberglass boat. These Donzi boats were designed to be small, light, and a fun ride. This boat was originally called the Ski Sporter Donzi and later the Donzi Sweet 16. With the Volvo engine and out drive its top speed was in the 41 to 43 MPH range. Both Jim and Don were racers, however, and when Volvo did not come up with their own small block V-8, they got Volvo and Holman Moody Marine to match up one with their 16’ boats. For background, John Holman liked boats as his hobby while Ralph Moody was into airplanes. They got Dinny Phipps to run the H-M marine business out of Miami, FL. He led the marine engine program with a 300 cubic inch six cylinder engine and 289, 302, 351,427, and 460 cubic inch V-8 engines and perhaps other engines as special orders. These motors often made more power than the Aquamatic Volvo drive could handle, however, and they offered vee drive and inboard versions as well as the I/Os to cover all the bases. Holman Moody also became a US distributor for the Volvo stern drive. Seabuddy photos.

Sweet 16 Donzi Marine Ski Sporter cockpit boat photo image

Classic fiberglass Donzi Marine boat cockpit

Mercury Marine Racing 1,350 Hp for top marine power

photo marine engine Mercury Marine Racing turbo F I 9 liter gas engine

Photo Mercury Racing 9 liter 1,350 Hp gas super Turbo charged engine

It is a four cam, port fuel injection, turbocharged, 9 liter, 6,500 rpm redlined marine engine that comes with a warranty. Special exhaust tuning and electronics keep turbo lag out of the picture. She gives reduced time-to-plane acceleration and continuing push you back into your seat back punch all the way to a boat’s  top speed.

The engine has a bore of 4.57 inches with a stroke of 4.21 inches for a displacement of 552 cubic inches or 9 liters. The full throttle operating rpm is 6000 to 6500 rpm. It has a sequential fuel injection system.  With the multiple turbo set-up the compression ratio is 7.8 to 1. She meets with EPA and CARB emissions requirements for 50 state boating enjoyments.

This engine is so strong that Merc Racing had to invent new propellers to handle the power. The entire driveline and its dry sump M8 surface style stern drive have also been strengthened.

A M8 surface-piercing stern drive with a Mercury Racing hydraulic transmission handles high torque and power levels with ease for improved handling and exceptional performance

MTI came out with a 48 foot long with a 10’ 6” beam catamaran that matched up perfectly with two of these engines. It was displayed at the most recent Miami Boat Show and wowed the Very High Hi Performance crowd attending that show. Twin gas fueled engines was the popular way to power many of the Go Fast boats this year.

Seabuddy says many thanks to Mercury Marine Racing for these photos.

boat builder MTI 48' Cat boat photo 1350 Hp Mercury Racing engine

48' Cat from MTI with with twin 1,350 Hp gas Mercury Marine engines

30’ fishing boat coming for 2013?

Levi boat photo image coming for 2013 model year

Coming for boat model year 2013 is a Levi Corsair as an Fishing boat, Open Limousine, Yacht Tender. This is is a new use (via a new cockpit and deck) on a hull shape that was reintroduced to small run production boat building early in this century. That hull shape was based on an late 1960s – early 1970s design from noted boat designer Renato ‘Sonny’ Levi, using the Sonny Levi  race-bred deep-V hull.

Get the story here? This is a boat proposal set for 2013 production based on a modestly updated boat hull shape that was raced about 40 years ago.

It IS a great performance boat hull design for open water and rough, choppy water while running at a fast pace. She has proved to be quick to respond to driver steering wheel inputs, slices rougher water bumps, and when she does get hit with the big stuff; has a very sharp bow that takes to the sea like a few boats can.

While one could buy one of these hulls as a raceboat or fast family commuter in the late 1960s to 1970s, only a few boats (maybe 25 boats) made it into retail customer’s hands. Those boats were made by Viking Marine.

Fairly recently, Renato Levi’s son, Martin started anew with an almost clone of his dad’s original design for a fast off-shore cabin cruiser. He formed a new boat building company for this. It is located in Italy. Again, it is set up as a small run production boat company. Martin uses modern fiberglass composite boat construction with vinyl ester resin and some unidirectional fiber cloth for these cruisers. These are the Levi Corsairs.

For the 2013 Fish boat, figure on a $250,000 Italian boat that weights just shy of seven tons and is 29” 9’ long with a 9’ beam that goes 50 mph wide open in rough seas.

cutaway drwaing showing cabin / cockpit details

cockpit drawing Levi fiberglass boat

another view of Levi boat fiberglass tender

Volvo 375 Hp and more at the boat show

8.1 power boat engine from Volvo

Volvo makes an 8.1 gas big block engine for the most torque and horse power for a power boat. Volvo has been a leader in marine pleasure boat power in the USA since 1959.

The 8.1 engine comes with a choice of camshafts that are selected based on where you as a boater want your power. Use 4,200 rpm and above mostly and pick the high Hp cam, use 4,000 rpm and below for almost all your time boating, select the 375-400 Hp engine cam. So, a true “hot rod” boat speed freak boater best uses the high performance camshaft and everyone else should use the regular cam. It is a no brainer, really, as you know going into a boat show if you want the most power you can get out of the engine below 4,000 rpm (even more power than the performance cam at these “below  4,000 rpms” engine speeds). Remember, the 375-400 Hp engine is the “Hole Shot” engine choice for the quickest 0 to 30 mph acceleration tests.

Volvo Penta gas power boat engine

Either the 375 or the 400 Hp engines are rated to run as fast as 4,600 to 4,800 rpms. They just do not develop as much power at those rpms as the Hi-Po camshaft engine.

All of these engines are 8.1 in displacement or big cubic inch engines developed from a Chevy based v-8 engine. They are fuel injected engines using a MPI fuel delivery system. Fresh water cooling and  the drive system is separate choice.

Absolute 43 yacht with Volvo Penta power

power boat underway with Volvo Penta power

Chris Craft Power Boat 36 Corsair boat show

2012 Chris Craft I. O. power boat

She is a sport boat on the exterior and a four sleeper, complete galley, and head down below. This power boat tops out at 48 mph and cruises from as low as 16 mph to as high 42 mph with the same fuel economy. The photo shows how this performance boat handles in a turn. Should one call her a sporty boat, a performance boat, or a cabin cruiser?

Chris Craft builds a stylish way to run around all the waterways in its Corsair 36 power boat model. In the USA she usually runs twin 8.1 Volvo gas engines with twin diesels as an optional choice. Volvo marine engines has tested and approved the engine installation details in this boat model. She went from 0 to 30 mph in acceleration boat tests in less than 10 seconds while weighing just under 10 tons with some 2,500 lbs. of fuel, water, crew, gear weight onboard and are willing to show their test report numbers to interested boaters.

2012 Chris Craft Corsair power boat

This model of the Corsair series is actually over 38 feet including the swim platform and 36’ 3” without it. The beam is 12’ 6”. She weights some 16,000 – 16,500 lbs. dry. Air Conditioning, two refrigerators, a microwave, a cabinet mounted coffee maker, a convertible dinette, and then a queen size bed in the owner’s cabin all of which is done in a high nautical fashion makes for a luxurious boat.

Take a look at your local boat show, where she may be what you need for this coming summer’s adventures on the water.

power boat cockpit of a Chris Craft Corsair


layout with its private owner's cabin

Best 2012 Bow Rider, H2O Sport by Chaparral Boats

Chaparral 2012 H2O Sport Bow Rider Runabout

Look for the newest thinking in bow rider boats at your local 2012 boat show. A $21,885 price for a boat, motor, and trailer is a “barn burner” price coming from the one boat builder that has won 40 plus awards for boat product excellence, customer service index (CSI) awards for excellence in customer satisfaction for the last four years, all topped with an amazing 12 awards as simply the Boat of the Year of all boats tested by the boating magazines over the years. That boating trade industry recognition gives confidence to a boat buyer both in the company that makes a full range of bow rider, cuddy, sport, express, and cabin cruiser boats and in each of their individual boat models.

Are you new to boating or a lifelong boater? Inspect for yourself this sport series bow rider stern drive boat aimed at families that want to get on the water. You want for yourself the quality family building lifestyle experience that a trailer boat becomes as a fully fun adventure together for Mom, Dad, and the Kids. This runabout is big enough for all of the family AND two or three extra friends as well (an invite at your kid’s school for a weekend boat ride is valued as a very special treat in any home or community).

This is a big 18 foot PLUS boat with a wide, spacious cockpit, lots of storage areas, padded bow seating seat bases and seat backs, full, wrap around windshield, well placed grab handles, a cushioned sunning pad, built in swim platform, driver and co-captain bucket seats, and a walk through easy opening passage way to the bow.

Remember, the kids rule the boat by sitting up in the bow so Mom can keep an eye on them without having to turn around while Dad is in command at the helm. Only a generously deep, high sided, top quality bow rider boat suits this style of a day full of fun on the water.

Simply put, Chaparral makes another top shelf water ski boat for 2012 in its H2O Sport. Take a look, please, and tell them when you do that you read about it at

Sea Ray 300 SLX bow rider at the NY Boat Show

2012 Sea Ray 300 SLX

Sea Ray makes a bow rider that is 32’ 2” in length with its extended swim platform or 29’ 6” with the standard swim step platform. It is a 9’ 8” beam boat that can still be trailered but only with a fairly simple to get permit. The single engine boat typically weighs in at 7,700 without trailer, or anything in the holding tank, water tank, or fuel tank or boat and crew supplies on board. Figure on a ready tow down to the highway weight of around 10,500 to more likely, 11,000 lbs. It takes a good size tow car or truck to tow it. But, what a beautiful runabout!

The single engine choice is a big block 380 Hp 8.2 Mag ECT gas engine with a standard grade Bravo III out drive. The 430 H. O. 8.2 engine or the 525 Hp engine version of the 8.2 is not offered and the 700 SCi (another version of the 8.2 block with a supercharger included as standard) may not fit. These higher Hp engine power choices would require an upgraded stern drive from Mercruiser. Only an inboard outboard drive system is available with the Sea Ray 300 SLX boat model.

The twin engine choices are several. They are small blocks from chevy marinised by Mercruiser in either a 5.0 block size or a 5.7 block. The 5.0 is rated at 260 Hp and the 5.7 makes 300 Hp. That is 300 Hp for each engine for a total of 600 Hp in an about a high mid-twenties length hull.

What further separates these twin engine choices is the separate option of Axius and Axius Premier joy stick control systems. With this, just a single finger joy stick controls the direction and speed of the Sea Ray 300 SLX at lower speeds.

See this Sea Ray boat at the New York Boat Show.

2012 Sea Ray Bow Rider

Sea Ray bow rider Helm Station

Big Skipper’s Berth plus… Wow! Lots of Light inside

the cabin front windows make the difference

Experience the light inside the 2860 Regal cabin cruiser with the curtains pulled back and you will have seen the best there is available inside a boat cabin for airiness and sunshine brighten your boating weekend. Regal 2860 wins this point hands down.

Next, lay out on the skipper’s berth and see the biggest size berth there is for a good nights rest. Again, the Regal 2860 wins as it’s a “no contest” in this size class cabin cruiser.

Check off what else is important in a cruiser and a 2860 Regal cabin cruiser is competitive in all respects.

Competitive in everything that one looks for in a cabin cruiser and “the best in class” in two points of top importance.

Take a look, there is a sale going on right now.

clean running hull design that is well balanced