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353 Formula Fas Tech Boat powered by 2 new Mercruiser 430 Hp 5.2s

Nearly out-of-the-water ride attitude of the Formula Fas Tech 353

Formula offers both the 496 based engines from Mercruiser or at about $6,000 extra (built using the 502 tooling that Mercury Racing bought from Chevrolet) the “new” 502  Mercruiser 430 Hp engines. Why the price difference? The cost of the Catalytic converters in the marine exhaust manifold that the 502s require while the 496s via a quirk in the Emissions rules, do not need these in their marine exhaust manifold (except CA). The 496s are discontinued by Mercruiser and are no longer in production at Mercury Marine, so you may not have the choice as the 496 supply at Mercury Marine runs out of stock.

Note the two hull steps and the bottom notch at the transom

The 353 Formula Fas Tech high performance pleasure boat is a true full 24 degree deep v hull, with two steps that run athwartships across the running surface of the hull bottom. Properly designed and located hull steps add speed to a fast running boat. Figure on at least a 5% on increase in top speed compared to a non-stepped bottom.

Make sure that the limber hole (lower left) is encapsulated in fiberglass, not just thick paint

Note the bold paint colors and patterns that Fas Tech Formula boats offer at extra money. Also, at a minimum add-on a toilet, Corsa exhaust, trim tabs with trim indicators, covers and a bimini.

A 2010 Formula 353 Fas Tech 35’ 3” boat will show a retail price of about $285,000. Too much? Go with a shorter 29’ 2” model that is lighter by about a ton with Mercruiser 377 engines and the lower cost Bravo I drives to cut out about $90,000. But driving a small block Mercury Marine powered offshore boat is a far different experience than a 353 Formula. Try both in a sea trial for yourself but chris brown, seabuddy thinks that you will go the way of the longer, heavier boat with the big blocks.

The deck to hull joint is waterproofedwith mastic

Thur bolted cleats with a backing plate - the best