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Oh, what to do?

Your 330 model name boat is 35’ 3” LOA  and your competitor slaps a  330 Sun Dancer label on his 33’ 4” boat. AND then, a 350 model name on his 35’ 6” boat.

What to do. You have a 350 model that has a 37’ 0” LOA. Why are yours so big?. So you look to boat beam to see how you stack up. Your 330 model has a 11’ 3” beam, their 330 a 10’ 5”  and their 350 a 11’ 6”. So there is no hope there.

In the end they bumped the 330 to read 340 and that is another some what interesting seabuddy boating business story.

640 Hp Monterey bow rider with a bed / huge head / inboard outboard

Monterey has a 318 SSX bow rider that has an LOA of 31’ 10” that can come with twin Volvo stern drives and Volvo’s JOYSTICK control for an easy, 10 minute, learning curve to master all boat control. You control your boat via the drives, four props, and two throttles from one simple joystick to overwhelm wind, drift, waves, current all at once with the Volvo – Penta computer on board. Point the joystick in the direction you want your Monterey bow rider to move and how fast and Volvo’s joystick puts the boat there for you. Hey, you’re the captain of the ship in all conditions in 10 minutes.

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278 Super Sport Monterey w/ Volvo Duo Prop inboard outboard

Standard is a Volvo / Chevy engine mated to a Volvo Duo Prop inboard outboard two propeller on one shaft drive. This is the drive invented for modern boating that changed boating for craft over 20’. The top power package uses the same drive with a bigger torque and Hp engine. Volvo uses the Chevy big block in their marine package to get high Hp (425 Hp) without using any catalysts to be emissions legal for 2010.

Monterey molded their 278 SS bow rider at 28’ 10” LOA. The beam is 8’ 6” for easy towing across the USA. The 278 Super Sport Monterey bow rider has a dry weight of 5,510 lbs.

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234 FS Monterey bow rider with Volvo Duo Prop inboard outboard stern drive

24’ LOA in a Monterey bow rider craft gives a big, spacious boat. She comes with a 62 gallon gas tank as the standard unit for bigger days on bigger waters. This plus Monterey’s designer ability to design cockpits to comfortably accommodate the whole family means she is best powered with a 5.7 Volvo engine and a matching Volvo Duo-Prop I/O.

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2010 Monterey Boat with a Volvo inboard outboard

This is a 22’ 9” LOA bow rider boat that will break 50 mph with a 5.0 inboard outboard drive. A full beam of 8’ 6” makes for a stable boat with a wide, roomy cockpit. A generous 55 gallon fuel tank allows a boat owner to control how he many uses he can do with this runabout.  A cockpit sink standard with a 10 gal. fresh water tank makes for easy clean-up. Figure on a draft for the boat and the drive (all the way down) of 36”.

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