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Oh, what to do?

Your 330 model name boat is 35’ 3” LOA  and your competitor slaps a  330 Sun Dancer label on his 33’ 4” boat. AND then, a 350 model name on his 35’ 6” boat.

What to do. You have a 350 model that has a 37’ 0” LOA. Why are yours so big?. So you look to boat beam to see how you stack up. Your 330 model has a 11’ 3” beam, their 330 a 10’ 5”  and their 350 a 11’ 6”. So there is no hope there.

In the end they bumped the 330 to read 340 and that is another some what interesting seabuddy boating business story.

The Monterey 400 Sport Yacht / Volvo IPS

Powered with Volvo’s revolutionary Inboard Propulsion System (IPS) the 400 is one of the first models of any boat manufacturer to be designed around Volvo’s IPS propulsion system. A  range of over 350 miles at a cruising speed as low as 26 mph or as high as 35 mph shows how a sport yacht can be designed to get all the extra performance from the Volvo IPS that it offers to a boater. Top speed for the yacht is over 41 mph with the IPS also.

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