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Record Speed Boat – Miss America IX

The first record for this race boat, Miss America IX, was to break 100 mph barrier on the water. With its owner and builder driving, Gar Wood, she topped out at 102.256 mph in early 1931.

She then did 103.069 mph at another date in later in 1931.

In February, 1932, Gar Wood set another record pace of 112.434 statute miles an hour over the measured nautical mile in his Miss America IX.

The Miss America IX was powered with two 12-cylinder Packard motors, developing 1,200 horsepower each when first built. After about mid-April, 1931, superchargers were added to the motors that hopped them up to approximately 1,600 horsepower each.

Thus, Miss America IX set a best of 103 plus mph naturally aspirated and 112 mph plus supercharged

Pictured here is Miss America in March, 2010 afloat on Lake Dora, Fl.

Mr. Wood died in Florida  in 1971 at the age of 90.

It was a great boating experience for seabuddy to photograph such a historical race boat.