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2011 Cigarette Racing 46 w/ two Mercury Racing 1350 Hp still testing

“These 1350 HP engines just purr like a big exotic cat,” said an enthused Skip Braver, Cigarette President and CEO, “The performance of the boat epitomizes the partnerships and synergy we have with Mercury Racing and AMG — we all have our hearts in building only the best!” 

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277 Baja Boat w/ 600 Hp Mercury Marine Bravo XP inboard outboard stern drive I/O / k-planes /Latham steering

This boat hull was designed by the folks at Baja, and since then the deck has been restyled by Sea Ray, and all Baja boats are now built by Fountain Boats (they bought Baja awhile ago). She uses a 27’ 5” hull with a swim platform and hull LOA of 29’ 2”. The beam is 8’ 6” and the weight is 5,100 lbs.

Note how much more of a “needle nose” she has and how far back towards the transom it goes. This a very traditional go-fast deep vee with a truely now old fashioned 24 degree bottom at the transom. There are no steps or breaks across the running surface in the Baja 277 boat hull. That all gives and outstanding soft ride in a chop, but takes extra Hp to over-come the drag that such a hull shape requires. Do not under power this boat!

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Mercury Racing new 1,300 Hp engine package

Short version; massive power and a unique torque curve that does not “curve” and thus it is re-named: Torque Mesa (or Mesa, for a one word title). It’s the biggest thing about this new Mercury Racing engine, transmission, and outdrive and that drove the internal secret code name for Merc Racing…Project Mesa.

Spec version; a 6,500 rpm red-line, 4.57 bore and a 4.21 stroke gives boaters a 9.0 liter V-8 with 4 cams, four-valves per cylinder, and turbo-charged engine that computer controls boost and torque at high rpms.

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Mercury Racing Builds an engine from scratch