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8.2 engines from Mercruiser Mercury Marine at the New York Boat Show

Visit the Javits Convention Center on 11th avenue in New York City during the boat show to see Mercruiser’s 8.2 engines that come in 380 Hp, 430 Hp H O, 525 Hp EFI, and 700 Hp SCi variations, among the other engines on display, although not all engines are guaranteed to be at the boat show, in their booth (C-18) and installed in boats on the boat show N Y convention center exhibit floor.

These engines are based on at least two chevy engine blocks with various heads to develop their reliable marine horse power at these levels. The 380 Hp is the one that is popular in a cabin cruiser and bigger family bow riders. Its full throttle rpm range is 4,400 – 4,800 rpm and has a cam and valve train that works best for those kind of rpms. The peak power has been dyno’d at 4,200 rpm before it starts to fall off and the 430 Hp H O verison exchanges some low end power compared to the 380 Hp for more clearly power over 4,000 rpm that then peaks at 4,700 – 4,800 rpm. The full throttle rpm range for the 430 Hp H O is put at 4,600 – 5,200 rpm. A 380 Hp engine will best a 430 Hp power boat up to about 4,000 rpm, where the 430 Hp then really pulls ahead.

Seabuddy has done a sea trial with each of these engines, and in a 7,000 lb type boat it proved hard to tell the difference between them in a pleasure boat application.

2012 Mercruiser 380 Hp 8.2 powerboat engine

Mercury Marine uses its Merc Racing division to sell the 525 Hp EFI bumps up the power and the full throttle rpm to 4,800 – 5,200 rpm. They add even more changes to the engine parts like a different fuel injection system AND a 3.3 liter supercharger to get a rating of 700 Hp at the same full throttle rpm range of 4,800 – 5,200 rpms.

All of these 502 cu. in. (8.2 litre) engines have a bore of 4.47 inches with a 4 inch stroke.

2012 Mercruiser 430 HO 8.2 engine

2012 Mercury Racing 525 Hp EFI engine

2012 Mercury Racing SCi 700 Hp engine

Sea Ray Boat w/ Mercury Marine Alpha inboard outboard

A great starter boat for a small family to get out on the local lakes. The Mercury Marine inboard outboard uses the old reliable standard, Alpha drive. She has 135 Hp and in the USA you must now get the MPI inboard outboard version of the Chevy 4 cylinder engine.

More photos and words on the second page.

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Formula boat w/Merc inboard outboard drive

A Formula bow rider boat, boat trailer, and a Mercury Mercruiser V-8 for under $100,000 is available today. Some are way under. The boat options and the Merc engine and inboard outboard drive choices do much to drive your price.

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Chaparral 186 Boat w/ 4.3 MPI Merc inboard outboard

2010 model of Chaparral’s 186 model bow rider. She is 19′ 6″ LOA, has a 8′ beam, and has a 25 gallon gas tank.

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Mercury Racing new 1,300 Hp engine package

Short version; massive power and a unique torque curve that does not “curve” and thus it is re-named: Torque Mesa (or Mesa, for a one word title). It’s the biggest thing about this new Mercury Racing engine, transmission, and outdrive and that drove the internal secret code name for Merc Racing…Project Mesa.

Spec version; a 6,500 rpm red-line, 4.57 bore and a 4.21 stroke gives boaters a 9.0 liter V-8 with 4 cams, four-valves per cylinder, and turbo-charged engine that computer controls boost and torque at high rpms.

Click to the second page for more photos and more words from seabuddy.

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$12, 450 Boat – Motor – Trailer

Boston Whaler now uses a new hull with 50% more weight , a smoother riding bottom shape, and higher hull sides to reinvent their most popular boat model. The first hull design and weight lasted more than 50 plus years. Now the hard ride is softened and the general family fun factor has increased for all the family boating activities. Look at the new bottom shape at the transom and the bucket seat option over the standard boat bench seat in the deeper cockpit. See five photos here.

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Advantage Boats 34 X Flight

Advantage Boats are doing OK through the current hard times for the boating industry as witness that Advantage Boats gave up prime boat show booth space to the Women’s Cancer issue.
Why are they making it? Simple. They invent, build, and sell boat designs that set a standard for the boating industry.
Gary Ferguson, the in-house designer of Advantage Boats, has very original designs for pleasure boaters that tie their love of boating with a sense of speed on the water. Ferguson started racing boats in the 1950s, honed his skills to set many records in the 1960-1970 time window. He raced in water drag racing and long distance endro racing.

Gary then moved on to boat design. He went to work for Art Carlson, the famous designer for Glastron boats and some James Bond movie boats. Ferguson then went into designing work at Advantage boats in 1989. His experience working with boat designs matches up against anyone in the boat building industry.
hot link to the boat builder…

here is high speed link to how they run…

Eight photos in this set

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Hallett 29 goes up to 90 mph

While this boat has a 525 Hp Merc, a Hallett 290 breaks 90 mph with 750 Hp. A roomy boat with a bow seating area as well as a boat with a nicely appointed mid-cabin she is a top shelf runabout with a performance accent. I post eight photos here and link to the boatbuilder …

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hot, new Chris Craft boat delivers 65 mph plus

A Mercruiser 320 Hp V-8 inboard outboard gives between 65 to 68 mph at the top end in this hull. She is a hit with boat buyers. The first run is sold out and Chris Craft is cranking up their boat building to make more to meet the demand for late spring delivery. If you want a new bow rider boat for this year, seabuddy suggests that you take a look at what Chris Craft boats is offering. The local dealer is linked below (or they will find your local dealer for you, if they do not deliver boats to where you boat)…

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