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Mega yacht 400’, 500’, 500’ plus

There are about a dozen Mega Yachts that exceed 400’ in the world.

The biggest is new this year (construction started in 2005) and measures out at 557’. Her owner made his biggest fortune in oil.

The old “number one largest” Mega Yacht was launched in 2006 and is 531’ in length. Her owner made his largest fortune in oil as a member of a royal family.

At 508’, next is owned by a Sultan that overthrew his Dad, with the help of Great Britain and the United States. Yup, oil made the money and (maybe) foreign aid from other countries.

Coming in at is the fourth largest Mega Yacht in length in the world is 482’ and owned by a Minister of Defense of a oil rich country that the owner had custom built in 1984 and the only Mega Yacht  built outside Germany (she was built in Denmark).

456’ is the length of the number five, owned by a Royal Crown Prince that gets his wealth from his oil holdings.

Ah, finally a not-from-oil billionaire Mega Yacht owner, his 453’ yacht that started cruising in 2004 is sixth in LOA length.

Now, a state owned Mega Yacht that restored (she was originally built in 1931) by that country’s richest citizen is either 408’ long or reported as 446’ long.

Some 413’ of Mega Yacht luxury was funded by business success in the computer industry and comes in at number nine in LOA Mega Yachts.

The next longest Mega Yacht is still sort of secret in its details but good authority say its owned by a man who has his money from oil and is said to be 403’ long.

A 400’ cruiser Ship was converted to a private Mega Yacht to round out the top eleven largest. Longest Mega Yachts in the world.