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$39,000 Century Coronado from the Auction for Todd Warner


Mecum Auction Results for Todd Warner Boats Collection

Alter Ego with its 1,500 Hp engine sold for $92,500. Alter Ego is a 1958 unlimited hydroplane built by race boat builder Staudacher.



– Named the Alter Ego
– Allison-Vimalert V-1710 V-12 supercharged engine, 1500 HP
– Aluminum plate bottom
– Unlimited racing number U-22
– 13’6″ beam
– Built from 1957-1962
– 190 mph
– Builders: Paul Sawyer, Ed “Pop” Schroeder, and Ted Jones
– From Wally Fisk Collection
– Second seat
– Custom trailer


Courtesy of Fred Farley:

Lester (“Les”) Staudacher designed and built some of the sport’s most successful Unlimited hydroplanes. Boats of his design won 51 races between 1953 and 1971. In 1956, Staudacher began construction on a conventional three-point hydroplane for Paul Sawyer that wasn’t put in the water for eighteen years. Tentatively titled ALTER EGO, the project was abandoned when Sawyer retired from racing. The unfinished craft was placed in storage. But Les and his helpers would occasionally “tinker” with it over the next decade when time permitted. The boat without a name was finally rescued from obscurity by Bob Schroeder.

I first read about ALTER EGO in 1956. It was mentioned in the Seafair Program as being in preparation (by designer/builder Les Staudacher). In 1959, it was reported being close to completion. Around this time, Paul’s wife became ill. He retired from racing and never realized his Unlimited Class ambition. The boat was placed in storage where it remained for many years.

Staudacher’s workers, throughout the 1960s, would occasionally “tinker” with ALTER EGO when they were between projects. Sawyer rejected all offers to buy ALTER EGO. He finally gave it to Bob Schroeder because Bob was “like family.” (Paul was in fact Bob Schroeder, Jr.’s Godfather.)

Schroeder finally put the boat in the water in 1974 and ran it in a few races as the unnamed CU-22, powered by an Allison. It finished 8th at both Detroit, Michigan, and Dayton, Ohio.

In 1983, Schroeder loaned ALTER EGO to Jim Sedam who ran it as MISS TOSTI ASTI. This was the first Unlimited to be driven by Todd Yarling. Todd’s best finish was a third in the Missouri Governor’s Cup at Lake-of-the-Ozarks.

Over the last two decades, Schroeder has entered ALTER EGO in quite a few Antique Boat Shows and taken many people for rides in it prior to selling the boat to the Warner Collection.

Mecum Auction Results for Todd Warner Boats Collection

This past weekend, Mecum Auction and F. Todd Warner set antique boat pricing on its ear. Called the Warner Collection, it was amazing in size and gone/ sold at no reserve. No reserve brings up pricing on some items and brings down others if there is only one bidder.

What happened at this Auction? Some skids of antique boat parts went cheap.  A few boats went for what one would expect in this economy. A few boats may/may not have been a steal.

Without knowing condition; is the 1959  Century Coronado with a hardtop OK going for its $39,000 as a fair deal today? Another one, same year, same model, went for $6,000. Same Auction. Same crowd of bidders.