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1,500 V-16 Engine hi-po boat engine

It has 1,500 horsepower with less weight than other 1,500 Hp engines, it uses easy to find “pump gas” , no superchargers, it is a less stressed engine, so it should come with more reliability in high performance boating. Using light metals and requiring only 750 Hp from 540 cubic inch marine engines to make the 1,500 Hp is the secret in the news with the Lightning Performance Group engine.

lighning performance group V 16 1500 Hp engine

Keith Eickert and Don Onken show their 1500 Hp V-16 marine engine

Keith Eickert, one of the top names in the marine performance industry has teamed together with Don Onken to make the new company and its products. The company is located in the central part of the state of Illinois in Easton, Illinois. This is home country for Don, while Keith used to work in the hi-performance boat world from his home in south florida. Together, they take their passion for fast boats, fast engines, and high performance to a new high.

race boat engine photo image V-16 1,500 Hp keith eickert don onken lightning performance

High Horsepower V-16 marine engine is two 540 cu. in. engines coupled together

Words like “bulletproof” are whispered around the V-16, 1,500 horsepower engine. These men have the background in the marine hi-performance industry that can bring reliability to high horsepower marine engines. Lower operating expenses also come with the new engines. Because of market demand for bigger and faster boats, Marine engine builders have been requested to serve up more horsepower, reliability.“Building high horsepower engines has never been a problem, the problems come in the lack of reliability, higher expenses and the lack of reliable sources of quality fuel.” The concept of coupling 2 V-8’s together to run as one addresses the problems according to the Lightning Performance Group.

V-16 marine engine 1,500 horsepower race boat image photo

prototype of V-16 1,500 horsepower marine engine now winning races

Wood Jersey Speed Skiff

classic bright finished wood boat photo image

Classic wood inboard runabout boat, Jersey Speed Skiff style

Is this a legal Jersey Speed Skiff for boat racing?  Is a boat made out of wood legal? Or, does the hull need to be made in a female boat mold? If it is a made out of wood racing boat, does the minimum weight rule apply? Does a portion of the boat bottom need to be flat?

This boat is bright varnished finished like a piano. It is finished and buffed to a perfect wood finish.  The wood grain within the rare wood selected for the hull and deck as well as the overall fit and craftsmanship of this wooden boat is superior when one gets up close to it in person. Only the of the hull part intended to be underwater is painted.

Note that the hull sides are in the carvel planked style as is the deck, but the bottom is a stepped or clinker built style for good aeration when the boat is under way. These longitudinal steps are there to make the wood boat hull bottom free up from the water, or air out somewhat. It makes for easier quick boat turning as they allow this wood boat to bank into a turn, not tilt away from it. Of course it will slide around as much as really bank and turn on the water.

These seabuddy boat image photos were taken in Germany so its European based engine would also need an exception for displacement if racing within a legal class of boat racing in the United States and Canada. Seabuddy does not know of a correct size gas engine made in the European countries that meet U S Jersey Speed Skiff racing rules.

classic wood runabout boat photo image

Hull bottom classic wood runabout boat showing stepped clinker style

classic cockpit of wood boat photo image

Aft located single cockpit of a classic wood runabout boat

Midnight Lace 52 with a Wood Transom overlay

No discussion about this yacht should happen without a mention about its yacht designer, Tom Fexas. He used some extra ordinary design skills, grand style, and technical acumen to create a special yacht in the Midnight Lace boats. He first used his thoughts about fast power cruising using modest power in his 44’ Midnight Lace model. I have driven an example of one of those cruisers in the Pacific Ocean. A very nice boat, but somewhat under powered as that one had twin small Renault engines under its cockpit. The Renaults also were smoky engines on that 44’ boat cruise and that was a fairly big issue to me at that time.Tom Fexas made a fast yacht in the Midnight Lace 52 by watching the hull weight and its balance along with a easy to push, narrow beam hull shape.

He has said that the design was “inspired…by the slippery old hulls…of the rumrunners” and the yacht designs of Consolidated and Elco boats.

She is a 52’ yacht with less than 10 tons in displacement! Her 13’ beam makes her narrow compared to other boats of this length. Yet the boat has a double berth master with its own head (with a short bath tub). Plus, a private guest stateroom that has two single berths and there is also a fully found second head.

Cheoy Lee built this yacht in 1983 using the latest fiberglass construction with coring for a light weight composite hull. They constructed a glorious interior to match her exterior design. She has since been updated and her equipment has been generously replaced as needed by an attentive yacht owner.

Oh yah, I saved the best for last…a Midnight Lace is a bow rider.

The photos are from that has this yacht currently for sale.

Magnum Marine boat / yacht – yesterday and tomorrow

Don Aronow driving his wood racer to a world record powered by a GM V-6 diesel souped up and marinized by Daytona Marine

an early Magnum Marine 27 still named Magnum - Donzi when mercruiser used ford engines

Magnum 35 race stripped down with direct shaft drive holman - moody, competition proven, ford engines

A famous ad for Magnum Marine once they moved up to building yachts

Don Aronow started Magnum Marine around 1966 after he sold Donzi Marine on 188th Street in Miami, FL (Thunderboat Row), which he had brought to market after he sold Formula Marine in 1964. Later, Don Aronow also started Cary Marine, Cigarette Racing Team, SquadronXII, and USA Racing Team. He also designed the first Apache powerboat. Finally he ran some experimental outboard powered racing boats, a Cat or two, an unconventional Unlimited  Racer, etc.   

Get a copy of Michael Aronow’s book (ISBN 0-945903-22-7) to really follow Don Aronow’s life and boat racing / boat building career. Its now a rare book, but a copy surfaces once in a while.

Chris Brown / seabuddy got as far as taking a sea trial in a 27’ Magnum twin small block Mercruiser with Alpha Mercruiser sterndrives before he came to the conclusion that it just was not a fast enough boat for him (she did top speeds in the mid 50 mph range). 

Now Magnum Marine is working on their biggest yacht yet. In 2012 Magnum Marine expects to have their trend setting 100’ yacht ready. That yacht is expected to run three engines totaling 7,800 in Hp through three Arneson Surface Drives reach light load speeds in the low 60 mph range. Magnum Marine and Arneson Surface Drives have made many boat and yacht marriages together. I have sea trialed that combo and its works exceptionally well. Currently, Magnum Marine gives out specs of LOA 95’, beam 20’ and a weight of 147,000 lbs for the 2012 Magnum Marine 100’.

drawing of the 100' Magnum Marine 2012 Yacht

230 Sun Deck Sea Ray w/ Mercury Marine inboard outboard stern drive I / O

Go back a few years and Sea Ray could not keep up with the demand for Sea Ray Sun Deck bow rider boats. Then it happened, they updated their model line-up and lost the leadership in the deck boat business. Now, this boat, the 230 Sun Deck by Sea Ray, is charged to get that business back to Sea Ray.

What does she offer that the others did or did not? Let seabuddy cover that.

More words and photos are on the second page of this write-up.

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277 Baja Boat w/ 600 Hp Mercury Marine Bravo XP inboard outboard stern drive I/O / k-planes /Latham steering

This boat hull was designed by the folks at Baja, and since then the deck has been restyled by Sea Ray, and all Baja boats are now built by Fountain Boats (they bought Baja awhile ago). She uses a 27’ 5” hull with a swim platform and hull LOA of 29’ 2”. The beam is 8’ 6” and the weight is 5,100 lbs.

Note how much more of a “needle nose” she has and how far back towards the transom it goes. This a very traditional go-fast deep vee with a truely now old fashioned 24 degree bottom at the transom. There are no steps or breaks across the running surface in the Baja 277 boat hull. That all gives and outstanding soft ride in a chop, but takes extra Hp to over-come the drag that such a hull shape requires. Do not under power this boat!

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270 Sea Ray w/ 300 Hp Mercury Marine Bravo Three inboard outboard

Standard is a bimini top, snap-in carpet, chart plotter and 300 Hp. As an option you could order the 8.1 425 Hp Mercury Marine Bravo Three inboard outboard package. Note, this is a now discontinued engine package by Mercury Marine (if you are interested, Volvo is sticking with the 8.1 Chevy engine – which does not use catalyst to pass emissions testing). The new engine, which I have water tested is the 8.2 liter 430 Hp Mercury Bravo Thee inboard outboard set-up w/ two catalysts to pass the USA emissions testing).

The 270 Sea Ray bow rider has a LOA of 28’ 6” and a not easy to trailer 9’ beam. She weights 5,555 lbs dry. Note, the inside of the head door on this craft, it’s the nicest seabuddy has seen this year.

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226 Chaparral boat w/ Mercury Marine inboard outboard Mercruiser

Hey, 300 Hp and a tower for wakeboard activities are here. Chaparral uses Mercury Marine power in a 5.7 form for hole shot, good top speed, and steady pulling speeds. They use the inboard outboard drive set-up rather than an inboard drive train for better wakes, far better fuel economy, and more WOT fun.

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2010 Crownline Boat /w Mercury Marine inboard outboard

They are now here…the 2010 Crownline boats! This is a 2010 model Crownline boat bow rider. She really moves along with the 260 Hp Mercury Marine and inboard outboard Alpha drive. Been waiting for the 2010s Crownline boats? Wait no more.

More words and another photo on the second page.

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Short Sale on Boat Inventory

this says it all…

SunDance Marine Authorized to Short Sale all Inventory!
• SunDance Marine to accept bids on all existing inventory below invoice cost.
• All Purchases must be cash or pre-approved financing.
• All engine and manufacturer warranties remain in effect.
• All 2007, 2008 and 2009 existing Inventory, as equipped.
• Manufacturers include Wellcraft (including Scarab models), SilvertonRegalFormulaOceanVenture
• Program authorized for existing inventory only and will not be approved on new orders.
• Program covers all SunDance Marine, Inc. inventory as of July 1, 2009, and listed on SunDance Marine website: