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New Boat sales fall off the chart after about March 10,2010

New boat sales were strong from about Jaunuary 10 till March 10, then the new boats just stopped selling.

TNT fixes Boat Engines, Sterndrives, and Boat Rigging

They have a huge shop!

It is organized and well laid-out


telephone: 305-944-2119

another view of the shop

they work neat and cover up your boat as needed

Coming, a V-6 powered Cobalt Boat?

After a wildly successful launch of the first of the new “A” series Cobalt line.

Should Cobalt introduce a “C” series line for 2012?

Will the next Cobalt Boat look something like this?


If the “A’ is step up from a regular line Cobalt boat, should the “C” line be a step below the regular Cobalt line-up?

What should be the specs of the first model in such a boat?

Number One (and there is no number two). It should bring to the boating world a new value that says Cobalt and is a true Cobalt Boat, but at a savings.

How would this be accomplished?

It must weight less. Weight demands engine power to give the Cobalt standard of performance with a V-6 engine.

So,  make it lighter by shortening the boat somewhat. Changing to the beam measurement to less than 8’. Design into the mold the swim platform and any swim platform extentions. Cut back on amount of seating, as Cobalt seats are plush and that adds weight. A new approach to the engine room hatch for further weight savings.

Make it a sporty boat model with a less deep cockpit and hull.

Use a 30 gallon gas tank size.

Skip the separate anchor locker.

Use a Volvo SX drive for smooth, silky shifting like a Mercruiser Bravo I sterndrive or a Volvo duoprop outdrive.

Use a Volvo-Penta marinized Chevrolet V-6 engine for its low cost as it does not need marine exhaust manifolds with Cataliytic Converters inside those marine exhaust manifolds.

Seabuddy’s suggested specs for a V-6 powered Cobalt Boat: LOA of 20’2” using a updated version of the Cobalt boat hull first used from the later 1980s on. This is a great running boat with a V-6.  She has a deep V running bottom of 20 degrees. Its designers, Jim Wynne and Dan Bramhall, knew their stuff around fast, good handling, boat hulls for both the lakes and oceans. Figure on a Beam of 7’ 5” and a weight of 2,500 – 2,700 lbs.

Sea Ray Bowrider boat w/ V-6 4.3 Mercruiser Alpha sterndrive

take a look at the extended add-on swim platform and engine box cover

A Sea Ray bowrider boat is all about the interior cockpit and add-on swim platform. If that does not WOW you, then the boat fails as a consideration for your family.

It’s the smallest Sea Ray available with a power steering V-6 engine. That makes it a fine tow boat for a family and its water sports; like tubing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and water skiing. This is a Chevrolet based car engine marinized by Mercury Marine for Sea Ray using marine parts and adding a Mercruiser Alpha I model sterndrive to make up the power package. With this engine you automatically get power steering so every member of the family can steer the boat and the reliability and have the ease of a Mercruiser power package. Marine parts, like a marine exhaust manifold, are always easy to find with a Mercury Marine product.

storage under the bench seat in front of the engine room

This Sea Ray has an LOA of 19’ 8” including the add-on swim platform. A big percentage of that LOA is in that water access swim area and engine room. The water access is important to a Sea Ray owner of this boat, as is the feeling of the high grade of finish in the main cockpit.

With the V-6 top power added to this size boat featuring a medium vee running bottom shape and you will see speeds in the high 40s every day you take her out for a spin. This package is a low cost boat insurance and boat loan rig, too.

lots of engine access on the bucket seat cockpit option

She has been a Sea Ray brand, Best Selling Model for a number of years now.

Short comings? The lack of room and comfort for the folks seating up in front of the windshield. Its almost more fiberglass than vinyl cushions up there to Chris Brown or seabuddy’s eye.

needs more seat cushion area and less exposed fiberglass area to seabuddy's eye

160 Bayliner Boat w/ Mercury Outboard

This is the cheapest set-up that Bayliner boats and Mercury outboards offers. That is its reason for being. In Chris Brown (seabuddy) opinion that is not a good enough reason to buy it.

Perhaps a new – to – boating family are looking for a boat at a budget. This one should be in the $15,000 range once the family gets the 90 Hp Mercury Marine engine, Sun Top, and the bow and cockpit canvas covers that every boater needs.

That is perhaps a reason to look at it.

A family will want the 90 Hp Mercury Marine engine for all around use. There is no question about that. Figure on “kids only” water sports, not Mom or Dad with the standard engine. Also, you must keep any friends on the pier with the small standard engine. No satisfaction in either of these situations. Buy it, dislike the boating experience, and that’s it. Boats and boating is out of your life until the grandkids come along. Figure on a 18 – 20 mph cruising speed and very low fuel consumption. The standard engine will break 30 mph at WOT and the optional 90 Hp Mercury Marine out board engine will go much faster – she will break 40 mph easily and that’s with a family onboard.

Fun in the sun from Bayliner Boats and Mercury Marine

Set your budget at $25,000 and get a Bayliner boat and Mercury inboard outboard, sterndrive V-6 engine with standard power steering and the Mercury Marine Mercruiser Alpha I sterndrive in a Bayliner 185 and the family has a good starter boat package and one that will bring years of exploring, cruising, and everyone gets to do ALL the water sports for years to come. Lots of family fun and go boating is a joy.

 BTW, marine exhaust manifolds and other marine parts are widely available for all these Mercury Marine engines.

note the optional sun top shown

185 Bayliner with sterndrive offers more seating

Donzi Boats and Volvo

In the Donzi Sweet 16 boat, Volvo and the outdrive for powering boats was matched up and shook the boat industry with a bang!

Jim Wynne had Ray Hunt design him a 17’ boat for the sterndrive from the Volvo company. He was to bring attention to the penta outdrive by winning boat races with this boat.

Wyn-Mill, as she was named, did not do the job. But the idea, this size boat matched to the stern drive by Volvo was about right.

Jim then, himself, designed a 17’ boat named Wyn-Mill II and promptly won eight world marathon records.

The difference between the two boats was mostly in the running strakes and the chine location.

A 17′ mold from the race boat wooden plug of the Wynn-Mill II, with a different deck, was pulled for some prototype fine-tuning by Don Aronow.

Once he sold his Formula boat company, Aronow shortened that boat mold to make his boat, the Donzi Sweet 16’.

Now the world turned upside down in small boats, with the Don Aronow Donzi Sweet 16, powered by a 110 Hp Volvo outdrive.

It stole the hearts of every young or want-to-young male that saw it; on the water, at a boat show, or in the window of the famous specialty store Abercrombie and Fitch at their 5 th Avenue Manhattan store.