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2011 Cigarette 38 Top Gun boat Don Aronow style

Cigarette Top Gun 2011 Racing Boat

Don Aronow started Magnum Marine around 1966 after he sold Donzi Marine on 188th Street in Miami, FL (Thunderboat Row), which he had brought to market after he sold Formula Marine in 1964. Cigarette came along as a business with a production boat in 1970.

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Today and the past of Magnum Marine

Filippo Theodoli,  some time ago, gave seabuddy a incredibility smooth, high speed test run / sea trial in a Magnum 45′ (the1980 Hull design) while he (and I) were attending a SNAME (The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers) meeting near the Miami Seaquarium In  Key Biscayne, FL to demonstrate the extra speed and excellent handling of an Arneson Surface drive in a heavy, luxurious deep vee offshore pleasure boat. (Being in boating for about 55 years and messing around within the various aspects of the marine trades for about 30 of those years makes for an interesting boating life and lots of stories)

His skill behind the wheel and in knowing the high speed, shallow water capability of that type of drive was impressive.

His boat was also amazing (as well as that drive) that day.

Arneson still makes that drive and seabuddy believes that one can see a clear path from an old standard inboard shaft drive, to the Arneson Surface Drives, to the Volvo IPS (with a lot of WW II torpedo prop knowledge thrown in).

These photos are from Magnum Marine and show their current 44’ model. More of the seven photos and 1,100 words on the second page.


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