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A horizontal reference line on both the profile and plan papers where all the height dimensions will use as their starting point. While it can be located at any point, it is popular to use the load waterline or perhaps a horizontal part of the keel line.


In boat plans, the body is made into two parts, one half showing the forward stations and the other half showing the aft stations. Think of these lines showing what the boat will look as seen fro the bow, and then the stern, at the point where there are lines shown. The heights and widths are true numbers, or dimensions.

Plan View or Profile?

In any discussion on the lines of a boat please remember  that a Plan View is looking at the boat drawings as if you are looking down, from above. Usually, only one half of the boat being discussed is shown. All widths are true distances. 

A Profile view (profile)  is when you are looking at the drawings as seen from the side. Any heights are true, here.