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Top shelf Lake Boating

Sunset at Lake Muskoka in september

Sunset at the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario, Canada in September is for a boater’s to remember forever.

It’s a mood shot photo of Chris Brown’s(seabuddy) to keep as a reminder of a great boating vacation.

Boats, seaplanes, steamers, and autos ply the area in and around lake Muskoka today but it was known as the hunting grounds of the Chippewa tribe chief, Yellowbeard when the Ontario Government first purchased it.

Since that time the Lake (discovered by the same Samuel De Champlain from the state of NY history books.) has grown via train travel to Toronto, to board a train to go to the Town of Gravenhurst and then board a steamer from the Muskoka Navigation Company to arrive at one of several summer hotels in years now bygone.

Today it’s a 1 ½ hour car trip to the lake. This lake and its two sister lakes that are connected via canals are home to 6,000 permanent residents and 32,000 seasonal folks, most of which are employed locally in the care and custody of lake and its surrounds.

To me, it’s the lake of many boat houses that are far nicer than any of the others that  I have seen.

See if you can secure a copy of this paperback for a wonderful photographic boaters experience…