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Modern power comes to a Wood yacht

Master stateroom, note the light with a wood interior finish

This boat has the latest joy stick handling choice and the efficient Volvo Penta IPS pod drive system. With smaller than normal engines for good fuel economy, she makes her speed with the IPS pod drive as a straight shaft inboard of higher Hp would.

So, its… 1) easy marina maneuvering, 2) same cruising and top speeds, and 3) better fuel economy underway comes with this top-of-the-line Yacht. And the IPS diesels and drives take up less space within the hull, so another room is added, to top off the benefits of an Volvo Penta IPS drive system.

wide side decks plus this saloon

How about the hull? She is wood and resin instead of glassfiber and resin. In this case, epoxy resin. A fiberglass boat is made up of layers of glassfiber cloth combined with resin, this one is made up of wood combined with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is both expensive and extra strong. On a budget-be-damned yacht, where strength and light weight are valued higher than the budget, epoxy is the resin of choice. Epoxy resin is used in either wood or glass fiber yacht construction.

The interior is also finished in wood, often in either a gloss white paint finish, or stained and finished with rubbed-effect varnish.

This hull splits the sea

She has three staterooms, one with a head in suite, plus a shared head for the other four people in the remaining two staterooms. Its a galley down, with and inside steering in the main saloon set-up. LOA 59’ 6”, Beam 16’ 7”, Price, just over 2 million. She is listed as a boat for sale / yacht for sale on Boat Trader.

at speed at sea

640 Hp Monterey bow rider with a bed / huge head / inboard outboard

Monterey has a 318 SSX bow rider that has an LOA of 31’ 10” that can come with twin Volvo stern drives and Volvo’s JOYSTICK control for an easy, 10 minute, learning curve to master all boat control. You control your boat via the drives, four props, and two throttles from one simple joystick to overwhelm wind, drift, waves, current all at once with the Volvo – Penta computer on board. Point the joystick in the direction you want your Monterey bow rider to move and how fast and Volvo’s joystick puts the boat there for you. Hey, you’re the captain of the ship in all conditions in 10 minutes.

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Joystick inboard outboard Volvo stern drive comes to Cobalt Boats

Now you can have – Joystick – the talk of the marina bars and all the Boat Shows in a gas powered inboard outboard set-up from Volvo in selected Cobalt Boats. Volvo invented marine joystick and brought it to Diesel boats with their IPS. Joystick is the best thing to come along in boating since Bertram boats popularized the deep vee hull in the early 1960s.

After five minutes of practice, you control your Joystick boat better than a 20 year veteran boater can. Wind, drift, and current conditions are all conquered by the Joystick “brain” in the system aboard your Cobalt. Just push the joystick in the direction that you want your boat to go and it does. The Joystick uses the drives and throttles to take your boat; right, left, forward, backward at a creeping pace or faster. You control the pace and direction your boat goes via the Volvo Joystick, not the steering wheel.

Now Cobalt boats and Volvo bring this technology in 2010 to inboard outboards (or stern drive, or I/O). First boat model up for Cobalt Boats is their 302 Bow Rider.

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