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Boater Christmas Gift. New to market – – – – no one has one yet.

Got a friend or family member that boat’s? Here is this year’s Christmas gift for the boater.

blige pump wood boat runabout cockpit boat photo image

Pump with my attached fire discharge hose running over the side


It is a bailer… the best one available. It is the Rule Evacuator 8000

high efficiency portable boat pump. This is a killer boater accessory Christmas gift.

Similar to the other Evacuator pumps, the EV8000 benefits from the same innovative power connection which allows for direct operation from your boat’s or car 12 volt battery, via two heavy duty battery clips.

dewatering pump in outboard motor well

New to Market dewatering pump in a wood outboard runabout boat

Talk about volume! This one is rated with a big 8000 gallons per hour flow rate. Why so powerful? Simple, the water is in the bilge, the bottom of the boat. It must climb up the cockpit and over the gunnel of the boat. Pumping water “uphill” eats how fast the pump will get the bilge dry. If you are leaking or if she has taken on water since your last visit, a boat person wants action, and fast!

This is the top name brand …Rule and their top of the line. Heck, one can even pump out a bilge while at the bottom of a lift cycle inside a tall lock. It makes water run uphill and in volume..

This is an electric, 12 volt marine or car battery operated pump. Connect it to your battery with the provided alligator clips. It is not a gas powered pump like the Coast Guard uses that did not start when my friend was was sinking. (Some say that a gas pump needs regular maintenance and that often these C. G. pumps just do not get that maintenance).

everything included in box

box contents as unpacked from the shipping box

Take a look at this pump. They have thought of everything and made all the parts, wires, and switches heavy duty for years of trouble-free usage. On-off switch, garbage guarded intake, long lead alligator clips, strong, very well-known motor, etc.

I hooked mine up to a discarded fire hose that my local fire department gave to me. Boaters should always make friends with their fire department. They have to discard any hose that is less than perfect for safety reasons. That hose makes for good fendering material pier side and here a great, long discharge hose.


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