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Volvo Penta IPS top pod system at Boat Show

boat photo volvo penta IPS underwater view

This is the revolution in boating performance that makes a new boat the right choice. While seabuddy often sees the Volvo Penta IPS at boat show. It often is an IPS 500 or 550 twin engine and pod drive system.

boat photo volvo IPS joy stick

This is for modern, top performance with a joy stick (also by Volvo Penta) for easy slow speed and around-the-marina maneuvering in a 40’ to 50’ boat. Volvo has now developed this system in different engine and pod sizes and in the number of engine installations per boat.
How about a triple engine set-up for more power in a larger yacht? A quad engine set-up is also done. A special mode of operation allows you to cut boat speed at engine idle speeds to meet “No Wake” zone needs. There is a “sportfish” package to move the boat around in its own axis to fight a fish in forward or reverse, make a clear wake via an exhaust bypass for best bait visibility, and allow for use of a single lever for all of the engines shifting and throttle settings.

four engine boat photo Volvo-Penta IPS boat power system

How much power? Volvo names each package by its approximate crankshaft Hp as compared to an straight inboard shaft set-up in a planning power boat. So, from a 700 Hp package of twin engines to a 4,800 Hp package made up of four engines, Volvo-Penta offers twenty power levels using three different sized IPS pods.
All the Volvo Penta IPS systems offer the top benefits of up to 40% longer boat cruising range, 20% higher top speeds, reduced fuel consumption, lower noise levels, predictable handling, and joystick docking.
seabuddy would like to thank Volvo – Penta for all of their photos.

cutaway boat photo Volvo Penta three engines three drives

boat photo triple volvo IPS engines and drives

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