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Joystick inboard outboard Volvo stern drive comes to Cobalt Boats

Now you can have – Joystick – the talk of the marina bars and all the Boat Shows in a gas powered inboard outboard set-up from Volvo in selected Cobalt Boats. Volvo invented marine joystick and brought it to Diesel boats with their IPS. Joystick is the best thing to come along in boating since Bertram boats popularized the deep vee hull in the early 1960s.

After five minutes of practice, you control your Joystick boat better than a 20 year veteran boater can. Wind, drift, and current conditions are all conquered by the Joystick “brain” in the system aboard your Cobalt. Just push the joystick in the direction that you want your boat to go and it does. The Joystick uses the drives and throttles to take your boat; right, left, forward, backward at a creeping pace or faster. You control the pace and direction your boat goes via the Volvo Joystick, not the steering wheel.

Now Cobalt boats and Volvo bring this technology in 2010 to inboard outboards (or stern drive, or I/O). First boat model up for Cobalt Boats is their 302 Bow Rider.

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MerCruiser invents a new “non-racing” big block engine

Merc only offers a 502 big block engine in 2010 calendar year boats. All 502 (8.2) marine engines require Catalytic Converters, in all 50 states. Mercruiser only offers legal engines, so all of their big block engines are only sold with CATS. Cats require added hard parts, so a 502 engine sells for a premium price. There is no legal choice about CATS on this engine, after this past date of 1/1/2010. Merc, as a company, have now dropped all 496 engines and are going with this 502 in their place. Any 496 powered boats are just old inventory. They may be legal to still sell based on the date the engine/boat was actually made. Check with your dealer to confirm the date of manufacture for the boat/engine you are considering.