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Grady-White Winter Sales Event Underway

During Grady-White Boat’s “Winter Sales Event,” buying incentives worth cash towards the purchase of any new boat are available at boat shows and dealerships beginning January 1 through March 6, 2011. Grady-White Boats is offering factory incentives on any new Grady whether in dealer inventory for immediate enjoyment or built new for winter or spring delivery. These incentives combine with Yamaha Outboards “Four-Stroke Revolution” offer of extended warranties or cash credits on engines to create a great buying opportunity.

For the 2011 model year, Grady-White offers 26 models including ten center consoles from 18-36 feet in length, three express cabins 30-36 feet, seven walkaround cabins 20-30 feet and six dual consoles from 19-30 feet, each one a truly great value in fishing and family boating especially during this sale. Now is a good time for customers to lock in long-term satisfaction

These factory-sponsored incentives will be available only through March 6, and will not be repeated during the 2011 model year.

press release

Grady White Walk Around Fish Boats

Grady White is a center console boat builder. They offer ten “Fisherman” or “Canyon” fish boat models. Fisherman and Canyon are Grady White model names for a  center console fish boat.

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Best of Show – Outboard – Grady-White wins the Award

Boat owner, Dave, as it turned out did not make it to the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic 11 acres of Classic boats and other Festival events.  His boat, towed behind George Hazard’s business wagon, did, however. The Result? A Best Outboard Boat Classic Boat Show Trophy at Sunday’s Awards Lunch, June 20, 2010 in St.Michaels, MD.

She is a 1967 Pamlico model Grady-White outboard that shows that ever detail and high level of finish is a part of this classic craft.

Seabuddy understands that a Pamlico was a 16’ 5” long boat with a beam of 6’ 3” and a boat weight of around 740 lbs.

I have always admired George’s finishing work, but this one sure stands out in my book.

2011 Grady White photos and information

2011 model year Grady-White boat

The Freedom is a Grady-White family cruiser


Grady-White Launches “Ultimate in Versatility,” New 25-Foot Freedom 255 Comfort-Filled, Bred-For-the-Ocean Family Cruiser


Specs: 24’ 9” with a 8’ 6” beam, fuel capacity is 153 gal., weight without a motor is 4,375 lbs. Built to take and work well with the Yamaha 350 Hp outboard

A Grady–White spokesperson is quoted by seabuddy…

“…Aboard the Freedom 255, there is roomy bulk storage under the bow seating for all kinds of gear–you name it. The starboard console offers a big bulk storage area roomy enough for camping gear, beach toys and more. The stand up enclosed head area in the port console is roomy and convenient for a day on the water with the family. There is plenty of room in that head area for fishing rods plus storage nets and bulk storage areas… “

Seabuddy says…I test drove the last new boat from Grady-White in South Florida in Feburary and that one’s ride set a new standard for ride and handling for me in its class. This one should prove to be another class leading winner from the Grady-White…”

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17’ Grady White Wood boat 1967

Nice "after" restoration Photo

She won an award in a Antique and Classic Boat Festival in St. Michaels, MD. For the restoration of what would be called a “bone yard” boat that most would just cut up, rather than save, rebuild, restore, and give another boating life to.

New structural wood was mixed in with the still good wood. She got careful time and attention to all the “next” steps. Note the finish on the stained /varnished wood and the painted hull sides. Wooden Boat Restoration is noted along the eastern half of the US for their ability to deliver any level of finish that one wants for a wood boat.

Their secret?  Years of knowledge, study, and a paint booth that Chip Foose of automotive TV fame would die for.

the Interior is highly varnished to furniture grade finish

Note that Helene Breza, woodwright, (pictured) was very involved in this boat.

Pride in her work

Wooden Boat Restoration is a small, hands on, firm that does very nice work in a large shop in the eastern shore of Maryland. Need something done? Give them a call. Shop 410-928-5501, cell 610-247-8053 or on the web…

These photos are from that website and other Wooden Boat Restoration projects are shown there also. George likes his customers to get progress photos of their wood boat as work is done on it.

"before" the restoration photo

"before the wood boat restoration

"during" wood boat restoration

255 Bow Rider Outboard Powered with the new 4.2 Yamaha

Grade White, with its unique SeaV2 hull bottom shape designed for them by C. Raymond Hunt Associates gives a ride that needs to be experienced on your local waters Its really different in several ways from other v hulls that in the first 10 minutes you will know you have experienced something special from a great boat builder.

Power one with the new, 4.2 Yamaha 250 Hp outboard and experience the next generation in four stroke outboards. Cruise at a whisker under 30 mph for best fuel economy and expect to hit 45 mph with the throttle all the way open, WOT, light load.

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