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Chopper Gun Chopped Strand Mat, fiberglass boat building / boat restoration

Chopper Gun fiberglass where random short hairs of glass are chopped from a string in a gun that looks like a paint gun and then forced into the air towards a boat mold and then are mixed while still in the air with resin that looks like honey adds bulk to boat construction but is not as strong as other types of fiberglass construction lay ups.

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2011 Grady White photos and information

2011 model year Grady-White boat

The Freedom is a Grady-White family cruiser


Grady-White Launches “Ultimate in Versatility,” New 25-Foot Freedom 255 Comfort-Filled, Bred-For-the-Ocean Family Cruiser


Specs: 24’ 9” with a 8’ 6” beam, fuel capacity is 153 gal., weight without a motor is 4,375 lbs. Built to take and work well with the Yamaha 350 Hp outboard

A Grady–White spokesperson is quoted by seabuddy…

“…Aboard the Freedom 255, there is roomy bulk storage under the bow seating for all kinds of gear–you name it. The starboard console offers a big bulk storage area roomy enough for camping gear, beach toys and more. The stand up enclosed head area in the port console is roomy and convenient for a day on the water with the family. There is plenty of room in that head area for fishing rods plus storage nets and bulk storage areas… “

Seabuddy says…I test drove the last new boat from Grady-White in South Florida in Feburary and that one’s ride set a new standard for ride and handling for me in its class. This one should prove to be another class leading winner from the Grady-White…”

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Best Boat Show?

Seabuddy thinks so. Saturday is the best with Sunday Morning being second best. Lots of boats, good vendors, great food, and just a lot to take in for a boater and a boating family. Miss America 9 is there! That’s special.