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U.S. Powerboat Sales in 2009

 “Latest year data is available for

Outboard Boats–

  • Pontoon Boats / Party Boats  20,680
  • Bass Fishing Boats 22,442
  • Center Console Fishing Boats 12,690
  • Fish & Ski Boats (dual purpose design features) 3,055
  • Walk a round Boats 1,762
  • Bow Rider Boats 822
  • Express Fish boat 325
  • Runabout Cuddy Boats 235

Stern Drive Boats–

  • Bowrider Boats 17,974
  • Deck Boats 3,159
  • Express Cruisers 2,681
  • Runabout Cuddy Boats 1,221

Inboard Boats

  • Ski Boats 6,500
  • Cruisers Yachts 3,000

Inboard Cruisers

  • Express Cruiser Yachts (top design category for inboard cruisers this year) 1,572
  • Sedan Yachts 399
  • Motor yachts, aft cabin motor yachts 333
  • Trawler Yachts, trawler styled yachts 237
  • Convertible Fishing boats / Yachts 231

Inboard cruisers only sold at a 25% rate of their top sales year rate

Stern drive boats only sold at a rate of 33% of their top year

Outboard boats are off about 50% from their top year

Pontoon Boat and Bass Fishing Boat sales drive the outboard motor boat market Bow Riders rule the Stern Drive, I o, Inboard outboard power and drive market, Cuddies sell at less than 10% of the sales of an open bow / bow rider design Ski Boats (and vee drive Wakeboard Boats) are the only designs that still sell the inboard power drive system (pre-WW I design) in a small boat. All other small boats use a drive system that has the ability to “tilt” and “trim” the prop for gas savings and a better ride.