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The secret, do not use too much Meguiars Flagship Cleaner Wax

This is the back of the Meguiars Flagship Cleaner / Wax bottle. Do as it says and it is magic!

Directions for using Meguiars Flagship Cleaner / Wax

Note, West Marine was running out of this product where I bought mine. Its hard to get, buy it if you see it at your marine store.

Check West Marine’s price on the new Meguiars Flagship Cleaner / Wax big bottle this weekend. They are having a limited time promotion going with this boat care product number M6132. Always check for this number, as the bottle is not that diffferent looking from others. It’s a barn burner price at West Marine now, to me.

Do not buy last year’s “Wax only” number M63 if you want a good cleaner to spiff up your fiberglass boat while you wax. This stuff is so new that many retail stores do not understand the difference.

Want more information or have a particular question? Call Meguiars at 1-800-347-5700. They are there to explain how to best select and use any Meguiars product on your boat.

The new Top product for a Boat Wax / Boat Cleaner

This is the hot one for 2010. Its hard to find in-stock at your Marine Store right now, but worth the search. Some clean boat fans are even asking for their retailer to order some in for them, sight unseen, as the buzz says such strong things about this product.

Seabuddy says its so, also. It’s the one for you to use for a good early season cleaning of your fiberglass boat AND laying down a good, long lasting wax shine in one step at the same time.

What to ask for…N6132 from Meguiars, its Flagship Cleaner / Wax. This company (Meguiar’s) makes similar upscale car care products for the car show guys, just like they did when they started out 100 years ago. This is the Barry Meguiar’s associated company, the man behind that Speed Channel Show “Car Crazy” TV show. Barry is a very nice man, maybe as nice as any seabuddy / chris brown has met. One thing, all of Meguiars supports boats and boating. I see them at the marine trade shows all the time.

Meguiars show car products built this car top shelf grade car care business, which now brings out many products for the Marine Trade, with the twist in the formula that addresses Gelcoat needs (it is different than paint) and the harsher environment that boating brings to your boat.

Try it, you will love it!

boater's top cleaner / wax for 2010