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Mecum Auction Results for Todd Warner Boats Collection

This past weekend, Mecum Auction and F. Todd Warner set antique boat pricing on its ear. Called the Warner Collection, it was amazing in size and gone/ sold at no reserve. No reserve brings up pricing on some items and brings down others if there is only one bidder.

What happened at this Auction? Some skids of antique boat parts went cheap.  A few boats went for what one would expect in this economy. A few boats may/may not have been a steal.

Without knowing condition; is the 1959  Century Coronado with a hardtop OK going for its $39,000 as a fair deal today? Another one, same year, same model, went for $6,000. Same Auction. Same crowd of bidders.

Classic Boats

Messing around with boats often includes what to do in bad weather

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Bow High in a Classic Chris Craft

Chris Craft wanted the two cockpits forward with the engine and its shafting behind them.

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