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Winner, Most Original – ACBS at the classic boat show

This 1968 Matthews Cruiser won the category trophy for “Most Original- ACBS” in the Chesapeake Bay Chapter-ACBS Boat Festival at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD.

Matthews Yachts were wood boats from 1890 to 1968-1969. They were yachts with fiberglass hulls made in England (Halmatic brand) and fitted out in the USA by Matthews Yachts in Port Clinton, Ohio from 1969 till the business closed in 1975. Matthews Yachts had been in Port Clinton since 1906. The Port Clinton property never did make boats / yachts again.

Famous Matthews boats / yachts over the years was  a gas engine (16 Hp) powered 35’ that set a world record for a small, gas powered boat for crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1911-1912.

The Matthews Company built a 50’ boat for the Ringling Bros. family to use in Sarasota, FL in 1912.

By 1913, Matthews built a 110’ yacht from the design board of famous yacht designer John Wells. This diesel powered yacht was the largest yacht ever built by Matthews.

During and between the world wars, they built airplane parts, meat cutters, 110’ sub chasers, and a custom yacht or two.

They went from custom, one-off yachts to production power boats in 46’ and 32’ sizes. They also offered a sail boat.

Around 1951 the Yacht builder did a wildly successful 42’ double cabin that started a boat style and accommodations trend.

Next the 45’ wood boat  was the standard bearer for the Matthews Company and it was the model for the 46’ fiberglass boats. The company did a 56’ themselves in several styles, but the sales order book did not respond.


Competitor’s Choice – Race Boat, Lauderbach 7 litre Hydroplane race boat

Award Winning Record setting Hydroplane

Lauderbach Custom Boats has built race boats in the mid-Atlantic region for many years. This is a National Champion, prop-riding, three point, 7 litre Class hydroplane that won the Award at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival over Father’s Day weekend in St. Michaels, MD.

John and Sandi (members of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS) won the top Race Boat Award at the 11 acre  classic boat and other festival events of the classic boat festival that the club has given at no charge to the Mid – Atlantic region over Father’s Day Weekend in June, 2010.

She is shown on a tilting trailer that allows her 10’ beam to become a “no-permit required” trailer boat package. The 2,000 lb. boat with its 426 cu. In. Chrysler Hemi supercharged 1,200 Hp. engine is 22’ long.

Race boat driver, John, along with other drivers, have a wining racing record in this boat. This race boat was the High Point Champion in 1964, 1965, and 1965. She was also the National Champion in 1965 and 1966. She set a World Kilo Record of 151.403 mph as well as a around the 1 2/3 mile race course record of 93.072 mph. This boat is now retired from 7 litre Class racing.

Hgh Point Champion 1964, 1965, 1966

More on Lauterbach Custom Boats…The Lauterbach family began building hydroplanes in Henry Lauterbach’s first shop in Portsmouth, Virginia shop over 50 years ago. Through the years, there have been several Lauterbach shops but one thing has always remained the same: the demand for the highest quality in every aspect of hydroplane design and construction. Today, Lauterbach Custom Boats is located on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore. In this state of the art facility, the same great Lauterbach designs are utilized for today’s new boats and restorations. The flawless attention to detail is visible in every boat that comes out of the Lauterbach shop. New hydroplanes are produced for use in active racing…From the Lauterbach Custom Boats website.

Best In Show – Race Boat D-U Class a NY built Raveau w/ Mercury Outboard

Best of Show - Race Boat classic Boat Show

She is a restored Raveau race boat with a Mercury outboard. Most remember Raveau boats as the ones that set the 50,000 mile endurance record with Mercury outboards on their transoms in the late 1050s. That record still stands, as far as I know.

Mercury outboards set up the sanctioned record run to associate the idea / prove that their outboards would last a long time.

Jesse’s boat won the Best in Show – Race Boat, a Raveau is a 1948, which was built in Long Island NY. The record setting 50,000 mile boats were built at a later date after when the boat builder had moved to Sarasota Fl.

The 50,000 mile Record Run was sanctioned by USAC, which sanctioned all of the Indianapolis 500 races at that time. Mercury outboards ran the boat (15’ and 16’ Raveau models depending on wind and chop on the lake at the time ) and Mercury outboard engine combos.

Marcel Raveau retired to France in 1963 and the boat company continued to make the boats until around 1965 with long-time employee, Walwork, at the helm of the company and in the boat shop.

Occasionally, a boat or two are still restored or made from new lumber, however, even today.

This one is a fully restored boat and has been in the Jesse’s family for years before he restored it and won the Best of Show – Race Boat Award in the Antique and classic Boat festival held in St. Michaels on June 20, 2010.

Look inside for signs of the anti-trip chines

note the extent of the restortation

It has the LOOK!

Family fun

Best of Show – Utility Class at the Antique and classic Boat Festival

Look at the outstanding level of finish for this classic boat show winner

A NJ built boat, brought to the Father’s Day Weekend  Classic Boating Event by a member of the Philadelphia Chapter – ACBS, wins  Best utility at the Maryland Classic Boat Show hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter –ACBS.

The restored 64 year old 18 foot Deluxe Runabout built by then West Atlantic City based Ventnor Boat Works in 1946 swept the crowded class of classic boat entries and took top honors at the Awards Barbeque on Sunday, June 20, 2010.

The boat and its presentation on historic Navy Point within the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum was a first class addition to this year’s 23rd addition of the Antique and Classic Boat Festival. Tigger II, was one beautiful “piece of furniture that floats” kind of boat within the field of 11 acres of classic boats and Festival Events, organized by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of ACBS.

Boat owners, Brian and Ellen, hailing from their primary ACBS Chapter of Philadelphia are also secondary chapter members of Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS and the Lake Hopatcong- ACBS. Many of the readers of seabuddy / Chris Brown know Brian personally, and are aware of his commitment to ACBS at both the Chapter level and at the International Level, and know that he holds officer positions in each.

Back to the winning Boat. See it to believe it, seabuddy says. I just hope my snapshots here do the foredeck level of finish justice.

classic wood boat

note the presentation at the waters edge

ventnor boat works championship boats

see the three point hydro in the ventnor boat logo

boat deck Ventnor boat wood runabout

mascot Tiger II classic wood boat

cockpit classic wood runabout

perfect wood boat cockpit

Wellcraft Nova wins Best Fiber-Classic Award

"Best Fiber-Classic" Award winner leaving the Classic Boat Show by its own boat bottom

The top fiber-classic shown all weekend at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival in the St. Michaels Maritime Museum was a 1972 Wellcaft Nova.

Bill accepted his craft’s Award Trophy and true to many owners of Classic Boats, got in, sat down, fired it up, and cruised his Nova home from the show (no trailer – queen this one!)

This boat is a 1972 sterndrive model and was built by Wellcraft Marine in Sarasota, FL.  Bill is a member of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS.

The Nova 24 design started out along the lines of a Donzi 7 Meter that was first designed by Allan “Brownie” Brown and Dick Cole. That team also used parts of a Cary offshore racer boat deck for the Nova 24 deck design.

Two things dominate a Nova 24 running surface; the deepest deep vee ever (24.7 degrees) and a wide running strake  that got to “carry” the boat’s weight at speeds above 40 mph, making for a faster, better riding hull than a full with boat bottom would give. In later years, the spacing of those extra-wide strakes dated the high-speed aspect of the Nova 24. She was designed as the best rough ocean water boat up to 55 mph, bar none. But, as the speeds needed to be called a truly fast boat in the 1990’s went above 70 mph, the Nova was no longer the boat to have.

From that Donzi 7 Meter beginning the Nova 24 became its own company and brand, with Brownie at the helm of the brand. Brownie and company partner, Bill Wishnick, a well known offshore racer in his own right, and boat designer Dick Cole “designed” the Nova 24  for the new company, Nova Marine

Nova Marine built around 125 Nova 24 boats before it sold the molds and rights to Wellcraft Marine in 1971.

Nova Marine used v-drives and twin engines totaling 470 Hp for speeds just under 50 mph at WOT. Wellcraft switched to sterndrives for a faster power boat and an easier to build power boat, as by then sterndrives had improved enough to take the higher Hp of V-8 Hp marine racing engines made. Think 4,000 -5,000 all up weight and a soft hole shot with that extreme deep vee and a ride in big ocean chop that is as soft as can be experienced.

Rybovich Yacht Sweeps Awards (garnering The Triple Crown for Classic Boats)

Triple Award Winner - Rybovich yacht - Sam V

On June 20, 2010, Bob and Betsy’s Sam V won three Classic Boat Show top awards including “Best of Show – Preserved”.

Rybovich yacht - Sam V

SAM V has been owned by Bob and Betsy of Palm Beach Gardens, FL since 2000. They are primary members of the Sunnyland Chapter – ACBS and new secondary members of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS.

Sam V at the St Michaels Maritime museum bulkhead

“Sam V was built in 1964 by Rybovich and Sons in West Palm Beach, Florida as the FRISKY LADY.  Hull number 58 (out of 126 rybovich boats to date), she was the third to last of the classic “Dayboats,” without a bulkhead separating the cockpit from the deckhouse. From 1965 on all Rybovich boats had bulkheads and were 40′ to 50′ plus. This boat measures 37 feet, with a 12 foot beam and draws 3.5 feet. She has no keel which makes her particularly maneuverable when fishing. This design is truly the precursor upon which all modern sportfishermen in America are based.  She was specifically designed for sailfishing off of Florida, tuna fishing in the Bahamas and marlin/tuna fishing in the Northeast US.

Each Rybovich is custom built to meet the owners preferences. For example, the first owner had the cabin painted in a light washed finish, so all the trim below was made of ash instead of the traditional mahogany. Of note however, the fighting chair, the transom door and outriggers are just as original.  Originally outfitted with V-8 gas engines, she has had Cummins diesel engines for the last 30 years and cruises at 20 knots and goes 27 knots wide open.”

Show Winner, Antique and Classic Boat Show

Crowd Stopper Show Boat

Sam V homeports in Fl while the Classic Boat Show is in St Michaels, MD

17 Outboard 1959 Lyman “Clinker-Built”

1959 Lyman outboard 17'

Offered only for two model years, 1959 and 1960, the 17’ which could take a 75 Hp Evinrude outboard was sandwiched between the 16 1/2’ Lyman model rated for up to a 60 Hp outboard and the Lyman 18’ often powered by twin 35-45 Hp Outboards.

It is a handy boat, lightweight, easy to trailer, and seating five with a large space to walk around in mid-cockpit, between the front and rear seats. A splash well was built-in with this model.

These boats were finished with a special color Lyman exclusive stain and varnished deck, seats, and windshield and a semi-gloss white paint on the lapstrake (clinker-built) hull sides.

Lyman Boats was at its production peak in 1955, with over 5,000 boats produced in sizes from 13’ to 20’ in length. As the founding family died and fiberglass took the lead as the matieral of choice for small boats, Lyman Boats made their last boat in 1973. Bernard Lyman built his first boat in 1873, and by 1875, boat building was his full time way to make a living, according to Tom Koroknay, now known as “Doc Lyman”, the Lyman expert. Note: While Bernard was the founder, his son, Bill, led the company to great heights during his time in mgt.