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Century Boats are High Style

Classic fiberglass Century Arabian chrome name plate trim

High quality and style classic boat model name plate

Century Boats led the styling of runabouts as utilities both in wood and in fiberglass.  This is a 1977 Arabian with its high style use of fiberglass, chrome, and vinyl that sets an image of exciting luxury on the lakes and rivers of our waterways. This is an inland performance boat. She is not a deep vee and is known for pulling water skiers, tubing, and stylish dockside dining events. Give this boat the throttle, hear the exhaust speak with a rumble, and take off with little bow rise as she pushes you back into your seat.

classic fiberglass boat photo image Century Arabian bow

High style Classic Fiberglass Century Arabian

Century made exciting boats from its beginning in 1926 as an outboard race boat builder along with making some other craft, like fishing boats and sail craft. For almost all of the time the Century Boat Company has been in Manistee, Michigan. This was the location, not Milwaukee or Panama City,  that most of the nautical style leader designs were invented.

Early classic collectible inboards were often a Sea Maid model and the small (14’) outboard racer that is still highly sought after,  the Thunderbolt. Century stayed with boats under 21’ in length as that made them different from Chris Craft, Garwood, and Hacker Crafts that built boats into the mid-30s LOA. Note always known, there is another reason for the under 21’ production policy. The plant in Manistee had a limitation on what could be gotten around inside it and out the door!

The Arabian represents an important design for Century as it was made in both wood and fiberglass. Some say it was designed deliberately to help with the boat building material change over during those years of the 1960s and 1970s. The design is credited to Robert Rioux, now deceased.  He certainly led runabout styling with this model Century. Part of this high-style comes from Century’s use of automotive pieces for several parts like the steering wheel, windshield, etc.

classic fiberglass Century Arabian 1977 transom swim platform boat photo

Restored Classic Fiberglass Century Arabian boat


Sunnyland Antique and Classic Boat Show ……….March 25 – 27, 2011

Chris Craft boats runabouts the Silver Arrow

Your author was born in the fall of 1948. In the winter of 1959, Chris Craft came out with a milestone brochure cover. On it, a 19 foot Silver Arrow was the speedboat featured out in front with a background of a 18 ft Continental runabout, 33 ft. Sport Fisherman, and a 55 foot Constellation Motor Yacht framing that Silver Arrow runabout.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 – after lusting for a ride in a Silver Arrow for 51 years, I got that ride in a perfectly restored one during The Philly Chapter of the ACBS Long Level Show.

The boat was a well-built,heavy craft that shouldered tall wakes out of the picture with the deft hand on the throttle and wheel of the boat’s owner, Dick Hickman. The weather was crisp, the boat was the “looker” on Long Level Lake in PA. and a near life-time year thing was well satisfied. Boy, do I love the ACBS and its two chapter’s in the Philly area and on the Chesapeake Bay. BTW, both Dick and I are members of each chapter.

In case you forgot, a Silver Arrow Chris Craft is a planked boat with a fiberglass deck and an inner bottom of sheet plywood. She uses spruce wood in place of mahogany for planking and set the boating world on its side when she was introduced. Unfortunately, her heavy weight (about 600 lbs extra over a 18 all-wood Chris Craft), pricing (about 25% higher than a 19 ft. Capri), and some new technology (deck to hull joint) only 92 were sold over the two years of its production. And not all of those still exist.

Sucess at Annapolis Boat Show

2010 Annapolis boat show

The simultaneous starting of a couple hundred engines and sounding of boat horns marked the close of the 39th annual United States Powerboat Show in Annapolis Sunday evening.  A weekend of glorious weather followed the first day of rain, and people came out by the thousands to tour these magnificent boats.  Attendance more than doubled the rain-soaked 2009 show and rivaled the numbers of 2008, making this one of the best attendance years in the event’s history.


“This industry needed a shot in the arm and a signal that the worst of the sales slump is behind us,” said Paul Jacobs, General Manager of United States Yacht Shows, producers of the event.  “Large enthusiastic crowds, along with the many boats being sold over the four-day event could be a sign that the recovery has begun.  We certainly hope that is the case.  It felt like a far more positive mood among sellers and buyers than the past two years.”


Show Manager, Dee Newman, reported that “Boats of all sizes and styles were sold this year, according to our exhibitors.  Everything from runabouts to trawlers, and tugs to express cruisers shared in the success.  Many sea trials are scheduled to take place in the next few days,” she added.  “We are very happy for them.”


After two consecutive weekends of shows, the Annapolis Boat Shows crew began the daunting task of removing a city of tents and a marina of floating docks.  In just three days, 300 docks will be towed away and hauled out of the water for storage.  Sixty temporary pilings will be pulled from the harbor.  Two hundred and fifty tents, six hundred tent floors, and miles of electrical cable will be removed and put in storage for another year, awaiting next year’s extravaganza.  By Wednesday evening there will be no remaining indication that an event even took place here.  Only a fond memory of 90,000 people having toured hundreds of boats and over 1,100 exhibitors will remain; that and an estimated 60 million dollar economic impact to local business, non-profit organizations, and the state and local governments. 

Charlotte Classic Boats 9/9-12/2010

September 9th ~ 12th, 2010
Queen’s Landing on Lake Norman
1459 River Highway, Mooresville, North Carolina
Free Public Exhibition September 11, 2010

Each September… for more than a decade the Blue Ridge Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society has presented
for the public enjoyment the most impressive display of vintage power boats in the Carolinas. On Saturday September
11th, 2010 the Charlotte Antique and Classic Boat Show will hold its 13th annual public exhibition. Classic mahogany
beauties, ashore and afloat, surging across the waves with roaring V-8 muscle or cruising sedately in their splendor, the
participating exhibits will hail from distant home ports across the country from Michigan to Florida. Family runabouts
and gentleman’s racers — elegant cruisers and rough ‘n tumble skiffs — even a world speed record challenger and a
handmade steam launch! The variety will be dazzling.

Among the featured exhibits this year is the original 1931 Harmsworth Cup winner “Miss America IX .”
Designed and driven by legendary inventor and entrepreneur Gar Wood, “Miss American IX” reached 102.256 miles
per hour during her trials, thus becoming the first watercraft to exceed 100 miles per hour – the world speed record!
“Miss America IX” was originally powered by a pair of supercharged 1000 hp Packard V-12s, however her current
owner, Mr. Chuck Mistele , has her fitted out with a matched pair of slightly more sedate 454 cubic inch Chevrolet
Corvette engines. Though not quite in the same league as the original record-breaking Packards, her modern power
plant roars with authority that is as much felt as heard. “Miss America IX” is not to be missed!

“A Celebration of Classic Boats & Cars”

this wood Lyman boat cruiser may not be at the show

The Lyman Boat Owners Association is proud to host:

11th Annual

All Classics Festival

“A Celebration of Classic Boats & Cars”

August 20-22, 2010

(Classic Car Cruise-In August 21 @ 11:00 am)

Huron Municipal Marina, Huron, Ohio

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Judges Choice – Classic Boat Show

This Connecticut based, Canadian built wood classic boat was the one that the Judges selected for their own CHOICE. The Judges Choice Award is a top honor at the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS 11 acres of classic Wood Boats and other festival events that was held over father’s day weekend in the 18 acres of grounds of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD.

Shepherd at classic boat show

Chris’ Shepherd, at 22’, is the larger and more luxurious of the two sizes that Shepherd offered in 1961, with a rear mounted Chrysler Hemi engine that is the top power using a v-drive to get the power reversed so the prop shaft can be under the boat. Smooth and fast, the boat is perfectly matched with the V-8 “Hemi” marine power.

Shepherd’s Boats, made their fine craft during the time she was hand crafted, in Canada, at Niagara-On-The-Lake in the province of Ontario. The 7’ 4”beam boat features all mahogany planking. Double (two layers) on the bottom, with one layer on the sides backed up with battens behind the plank seams. Look at the photos, she looks like she was carved, not assembled with screws and bolts.

1961 Shepherd V-drive

Shepherd’s Boats, made their fine craft during the time she was hand crafted, in Canada, at Niagara-On-The-Lake in the province of Ontario. The 7’ 4”beam boat features all mahogany planking. Double (two layers) on the bottom, with one layer on the sides backed up with battens behind the plank seams. Look at the photos, she looks like she was carved, not assembled with screws and bolts.

The Shepherds started their company in 1928. they moved the plant to be closer to the water in 1939. The family sold the business to a private individual in the late 1950s. He ran the company with the same attention to detail until 1966, when Trojan Boat Company, from the USA, bought Shepherd  to import the Sheherds to the US and build popular Trojan models in Canada. Trojan was into Cabin Cruisers more than runabouts and re-shaped Shepherd into that mold. Shepherd went on to built up to 54’ in length yachts using fiberglass hulls. By the late 1970s, things had changed for Canadian Boat Builders. These changes caused Shepherd Boats to close its doors in early 1978.

36′ home built without any formal plans

 Buildt a Shady Side Bateau from Memory. This waterman from Shady Side, MD built his 36 ’ Bateau in 2009,  “Emmaline“, from scratch and without any plans. His turning over story on this boat in his garage.


Best “ACBS event for friends to get together at a river lake”

…with their boats at a Classic Boat Show and afternoon Classic Boat River Lake Cruise

Save the date, Saturday, 10/2/2010 and for more info about this PA event call Brian Gagnon at (856) 596-3390 ext 2224. Note: if Brian is in town, he’ll get right back to you. If he is traveling, just wait a few days, he’ll get bak to you. If its two weeks and you still did not hear back from him, call again, as your message got lost somewhere.

The largest Yacht at the Show…

…Was a 80 foot Trumpy made in Annapolis, MD in 1947. Privately owned and not chartered, she cruises the West coast of FL in the winter, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay in early summer, and then with several runs up to and around the water of New England later in the year. She is a family “cruiser”, and does a lot of cruising.

While the crew does much of the maintenance, Moore Marine out of Rivera Beach, FL.did some below deck accommodation changes a few years back to make her a better fit the yacht to her owners.

Owned by a practicing attorney and his wife in D C, who spent most of his youth growing up in Baltimore, she a user yacht that is also a yacht at home as the center piece of a classic boat show.

Similar sized perfect pieces of the history of Annapolis and boating charter out for $25,000 per week plus crew, meals, and food costs.

Note, inconsideration of the owners’ privacy, seabuddy choose to edit out the owners names and information when blogging about such a treasure.

Sorry for the photo quality, she passed my photo boat to port and seabuddy was forced to shoot into the sunset.