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Century Boats Resorter 20’

Peter brought his self-restored Classic wood boat Century boat Resorter up from Fl and took two top awards at the recent Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS 11 acre Boat festival in St. Michaels, MD.

His Resorter is powered with a gas Norberg engine. This is a rare combination, as the Cal Connell “Crusader” Cadillac 331 cu. in. engine was coming to market via Century Boats in both Coronado and Resorter Century Boat models and it was a lighter weight engine so it delivered speeds of 60 mph in a prototype Resorter (these Cal Connell modified  gas Cadillac engines powered similar cut- down family boat designs to over 67 mph in race conditions).

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Rolls Royce powered Century Coronado

Th only one ever made

For the New York Boat Show Century made a special 1963 Coronado 21’ luxury runabout. She featured a clear plexiglass engine box to replace the standard middle seat  and vinyl covered wood engine box.

Why? This was the only Century Coronado ever made powered with a Rolls Royce V-8 engine. The engine in this boat was a show stopper!

While the engine made headlines in the press and with the boaters at the New York Boat Show, she did not run as well as everyone expected and she was expensive with that Rolls Royce V-8 engine.

The Century Boat Company replaced the Rolls Royce engine with a Graymarine V-8 and installed the standard middle seating and the standard engine box when the did the engine repower, before selling this one as a 1964 model to a retail boat owner.

The boat reflects some 1963 model Century Coronado features and some 1964 Century Coronado details.

Seabuddy / chris brown first saw this unique 21’ Century Coronado boat at the New York boat show, at its introduction.

Photo from Century Boat Club, thanks.

Century Boats 18′ Sabre 1967

1967 Century 18' Sabre original boat above the waterline

Century Boats got into fiberglass boats one step at a time. This boat is all  fiberglass from about the metal trim  on the hull side and above that. She uses a traditional wood Century Wood Hull below that point. Note the Automotive style windshield that Century Boats made for this model. Century was at the front of bringing Auto styling to the boat business. Most of this model  Century will powered by a 351 or 390 Ford V-8.

Photo credit Vance

I enlarged this photo of the same 18' Century Sabre boat