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Boston Whaler is selling boats, center Consoles and Dual Consoles Boat Test Numbers

OK, they said that they had a good boat show when interviewed. It is easy to question such a statement (particularly from a boat dealer), except the head of the company is being quoted as saying it, not a salesman. That adds weight to the statement, in my book.

Second, Boston Whaler is having a very good sales rate month over month this year versus the prior year in another interview.

Now, here is the real conformation to seabuddy. They are hiring folks for some management slots and second shift production workers. They are running ads to hire workers!

What is selling?

boston whaler three outboard center console fish boat

Note the triple power in this outboard powered center console boat

The most frequent long lead time model (sometimes a up to three year wait) is the 370 Outrage. This is a 37’ 6” long center console with triples (as most outboard 37’ boats are) for 900 horsepower. The beam is 11’ 6”.

Cruising speed is best at 4,500 RPM for a fuel burn rate of 34-35 GPH. Speed is just somewhat slower at 31-33 MPH at that rpm. WOT delivers 50 MPH and the boat burns gas at the rate of 86-88 GPH at those speeds.

lounge seating in front of the center console

special seating at the front of the Center Console

The twin engine boat that is hard to get is the 26’10” by 9’ beam 270 Vantage. Here it is a 4,000 RPM cruise for 30 MPH and 16-17 GPH. 47 MPH is WOT while burning through your gas at 47 GPH.

two outboard powered dual console fishing boat

Note the blunt bow which makes for a roomy head to port

For a single outboard powered boat the hot Whaler is the 230 Vantage. This is a 23’ 2” with a legal with no permit trailering beam of 8’ 6”. Top speed here is 43-44 MPH at a 30 GPH. 4,000 RPM cuts fuel burn back to 10 GPH at a speed of 26 MPH.

seabuddy thanks Boston Whaler for these photos.