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Classic fiberglass Bertram 20 center console

bow of the boat photo of a fiberglass classic Bertram 20 center console

note the really nice refinish work on this classic fiberglass Bertram 20

Bertram 20 restored fiberglass boat photo from the stern deep vee

looking at the stern of the Bertram 20 classic fiberglass boat photo

Remember the 20 foot version of the classic fiberglass Bertram? It came in several versions, including a boat model called the Moppie, the Bahia Mar, and the Baron, among others. These 20’ boats tended to weight in at around 2,300 LBS. Here seabuddy talks about and shows boat photos of a center console 20’ 6” model.

Bertram started with a wood prototype 30 footer in 1959. That boat was turned upside down to use as a form to make a mold and became the classic fiberglass Bertram 31 in 1960. She was introduced at the New York Boat Show in 1961. That boat model started the Bertram Yacht boat building business.

In 1962 Bertram made their second length in a production boat model. It was the 25 footer. By 1963, this boat builder then made a 38’ sport fishing boat.  It was 1964 when they introduced their 20 foot boat series. By 1965, reports say that they made one of these a day in their Miami boat building plant.

I have seen restored and updated 20’ Bertram boats that are powered by a stern drive V-8 and also by outboards. The one in the photos has been repowered with a V-6 Mercruiser and has an Mercury Marine Alpha out drive.

There was a Dick Bertram. Dick founded and originally owned Bertram Yachts. He passed away at age 84 on 4/28/2000. He successfully raced sail boats and then power boats. In 1956 he won a famous offshore race in a 34’ wood Chris Craft powered by twin 215 Hp. Cadillac Crusader engines. While Doodles II won, it was pretty much destroyed as a usable boat by the beating it took in the race. Dick again won the same Miami to Nassau race in 1958 in a 35’ wood Enterprise brand boat. He won the 1960 race in the wood prototype Bertram. In 1961 he won again, this time in a fiberglass Bertram 31’.

More on Bertrams here

restored fiberglass classic Bertram 20 name plate says "BERTRAM 20"

another photo shot the Restored classic fiberglass Bertram 20

updated Helm console on the classic fiberglass center console Bertram 20

WOW! classic wood / fiberglass helm station on Bertram 20

Grady White Walk Around Fish Boats

Grady White is a center console boat builder. They offer ten “Fisherman” or “Canyon” fish boat models. Fisherman and Canyon are Grady White model names for a  center console fish boat.

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U.S. Powerboat Sales in 2009

 “Latest year data is available for

Outboard Boats–

  • Pontoon Boats / Party Boats  20,680
  • Bass Fishing Boats 22,442
  • Center Console Fishing Boats 12,690
  • Fish & Ski Boats (dual purpose design features) 3,055
  • Walk a round Boats 1,762
  • Bow Rider Boats 822
  • Express Fish boat 325
  • Runabout Cuddy Boats 235

Stern Drive Boats–

  • Bowrider Boats 17,974
  • Deck Boats 3,159
  • Express Cruisers 2,681
  • Runabout Cuddy Boats 1,221

Inboard Boats

  • Ski Boats 6,500
  • Cruisers Yachts 3,000

Inboard Cruisers

  • Express Cruiser Yachts (top design category for inboard cruisers this year) 1,572
  • Sedan Yachts 399
  • Motor yachts, aft cabin motor yachts 333
  • Trawler Yachts, trawler styled yachts 237
  • Convertible Fishing boats / Yachts 231

Inboard cruisers only sold at a 25% rate of their top sales year rate

Stern drive boats only sold at a rate of 33% of their top year

Outboard boats are off about 50% from their top year

Pontoon Boat and Bass Fishing Boat sales drive the outboard motor boat market Bow Riders rule the Stern Drive, I o, Inboard outboard power and drive market, Cuddies sell at less than 10% of the sales of an open bow / bow rider design Ski Boats (and vee drive Wakeboard Boats) are the only designs that still sell the inboard power drive system (pre-WW I design) in a small boat. All other small boats use a drive system that has the ability to “tilt” and “trim” the prop for gas savings and a better ride.

Is the Mastercraft CSX 220 going away at Mastercraft boats in 2011 or 2012?

Over-head boat photo of the Mastercraft boats CSX 220

Photo of X-25 Mastercraft cockpit that uses the same Mastercraft hull

Is it going from a Direct Drive inboard (engine in the center of the boat) to a V-Drive inboard ( the engine at the back end of the boat)?

Will the rear mounted V-Drive inboard system improve the fuel economy and top speed over the direct drive set-up (42 – 43 mph with a 400 Hp engine in a 22’ boat)?

Has Hydra-Sports center console boats now ended the entire CSX center console model line at Mastercraft by 2013?

For 2010, Mastercraft reused their CSX 220 hull for their new X-25 water sports boat.

This hull is known for its good tracking, high wake, and inspiring a sense of handling confidence in its driver.

The Mastercraft X-25 now outsells the CSX 220.

Will the Mastercraft CSX 220 deck and cockpit layout go away entirely for 2011 or 2012?

How will new 2011 models of the Hydra-Sports boat line also owned by the same parent investment companies, effect marketing, sales, and the dealers for Mastercraft boats and their salt water model line-up?

Are there big discounts coming soon to the Mastercraft dealerships, as Century Boats is offering to their dealers now?

All of this is just the opinions and open questions of 30 year veteran of the marine trades, Chris Brown, seabuddy, and not yet known.

8 outboards in a row….

Eight outboards on one boat?

No, it looks that way, but its two center console boats with four outboards each, slipped next to each other.

Center Console Helm Chairs

Top – of – line Chairs for two fishermen – flip-up bolster, arm rests, good sight lines are all here.