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Bow Rider to Bimini, #2, My Monterey, Open Ocean Bow Rider Cruising in a Monterey

On the eve of my departure, NOAA marine weather  indicated that the sea and wind conditions for a Bahaman Crossing were close to perfect for Sunday. I checked out of my hotel, dropped off my rental car and prepared to sleep onboard in a sleeping bag to get an early start.

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Bow Rider to Bimini, #1, My Monterey, Open Ocean Bow Rider Cruising in a Monterey

Bow Rider to Bimini

My Monterey

Open Ocean Bow Rider Cruising in a Monterey

There was no other boat in sight. No land to see off in the distance. Nothing. I was alone on the Atlantic Ocean about 11 miles off the coast of South Florida, heading to Bimini in the Bahamas Islands chain. The boat’s sounder had stopped reading the water depth long ago. My cell telephone no longer had a signal. I had the VHF on channel 16 and heard other boaters, but they were beyond my horizon. I slowed to idle to take it all in. I spun the boat around a full 360 degrees and saw water in every direction. No land. No boats. No people. I was very, very happy.

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U.S. Powerboat Sales in 2009

 “Latest year data is available for

Outboard Boats–

  • Pontoon Boats / Party Boats  20,680
  • Bass Fishing Boats 22,442
  • Center Console Fishing Boats 12,690
  • Fish & Ski Boats (dual purpose design features) 3,055
  • Walk a round Boats 1,762
  • Bow Rider Boats 822
  • Express Fish boat 325
  • Runabout Cuddy Boats 235

Stern Drive Boats–

  • Bowrider Boats 17,974
  • Deck Boats 3,159
  • Express Cruisers 2,681
  • Runabout Cuddy Boats 1,221

Inboard Boats

  • Ski Boats 6,500
  • Cruisers Yachts 3,000

Inboard Cruisers

  • Express Cruiser Yachts (top design category for inboard cruisers this year) 1,572
  • Sedan Yachts 399
  • Motor yachts, aft cabin motor yachts 333
  • Trawler Yachts, trawler styled yachts 237
  • Convertible Fishing boats / Yachts 231

Inboard cruisers only sold at a 25% rate of their top sales year rate

Stern drive boats only sold at a rate of 33% of their top year

Outboard boats are off about 50% from their top year

Pontoon Boat and Bass Fishing Boat sales drive the outboard motor boat market Bow Riders rule the Stern Drive, I o, Inboard outboard power and drive market, Cuddies sell at less than 10% of the sales of an open bow / bow rider design Ski Boats (and vee drive Wakeboard Boats) are the only designs that still sell the inboard power drive system (pre-WW I design) in a small boat. All other small boats use a drive system that has the ability to “tilt” and “trim” the prop for gas savings and a better ride.

New Boat sales fall off the chart after about March 10,2010

New boat sales were strong from about Jaunuary 10 till March 10, then the new boats just stopped selling.