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Sea Ray 540 Queen of the Boat Show

getting ready to be the queen of the boat show

The oldest (since 1905) boat show has traditionally had a “Queen of the Boat Show” cabin cruiser power boat.  This year it’s the 54’ 9” Sea Ray Sundancer express cruiser.

Sundancer is a name that Sea Ray applies to their boat models that have an extra bed under the mid-section of an otherwise express style cabin cruiser. The first boat that came with the name “sundancer” was a 24’ 4” SRV 240 Sea Ray in 1975. That boat had a trailerable beam, not the 15’ 3” beam of this year’s Queen.

If they did not invent the mid-cabin boat design (some say that Skipjack boats is also in contention for that recognition), Sea Ray boats certainly has made it a runaway success story among boaters and also within the boating industry.

C. N. “Connie” Ray started building outboard powered 16’ runabouts in 1959 in Oxford, MI, which is north of Detroit. The 2012 queen of the boat show uses twin Mercury Marine Mercruiser Zeus drives.

Today’s boat has up to 1,430 Hp using diesel fuel, not the 25-35 Hp using gasoline as a fuel that the 1959 runabout was powered with. The Sea Ray Queen’s engines are made by Cummins.

The master stateroom is the one that is amidships and not at the bow. It has a TV as big as the main salon, not the smaller one that the forward bow stateroom has. Both staterooms have a “dry” head; that is a bathroom with a separate shower stall so that the entire bathroom does not get sprayed down when the shower is turned on.

By the way, the generous luxury space of the master bedroom can be ordered configured as two small staterooms so this cabin cruiser has three private staterooms if that is what your family needs. In that layout, the Master Stateroom would then be the forward bow stateroom by default.

Note my boat photo of the thru-bolted bollard style cleat that Sea Ray uses as standard equipment on this yacht. It is one of eight onboard, and they are very impressive!

bollard style cleat on Sea Ray boat show queen

Queen of the Boat Show underway

New Boat Show

Local United States Yacht Shows, which produce  the oldest in-water boat shows in the United States, has announced  that it will offer  a spring boat show called the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, featuring a special Cruisers University.

The new event will be held at the Annapolis Town Dock, plus Ego Alley, the surrounding city lots, the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel, the Annapolis Recreation Center, and a local Park.  The show is said to feature on  more than  80 sailboats, both mono-hull hull shapesl and multi-hull.

Admission is $10 for adults, $4 for youth 7-12, and free for children 6 and under for the Boat Show. 

For the Cruisers University, a separate tuition schedule will cover all classes, meals, demos, on-board instruction, and social activities. 

Additionally, a special Cruising Destinations Series will be available to all show attendees on Saturday and Sunday.

The new show is planned for late April, after the Bay Bridge Boat Show, which is about 30 years old which is also hosted by the same organization. United States Yacht Shows are every well respected by the boating public and each of their shows bring folks to Annapolis from up and down the East Coast.

By the way, Cruisers University is a four-day educational program designed to introduce people to life aboard a cruising boat.  Billed as “The Ultimate Aid to Navigation,” Cruisers University provides expert instruction in a wide range of subjects pertinent to long-range cruising, such as on-board technical systems, cruising destinations, insuring and outfitting your boat, as well as mastery level two-day courses on Diesel Maintenance, Navigation and Chart Plotting, and Electrical Systems Design.

Don Aronow The King of Thunderboat Row

Michael Aronow wrote this book about his Dad, Don Aronow, and Don’s involvement in boating. Don was a boat racer, a boat building businessman, a world champion, a founding leader of deep vee boat building and offshore racing. He started and owned Donzi Marine, Formula, Magnum Marine, Cigarette Racing Team, Squadron XII, and USA Racing Team and almost all of 188th Street.

This is the book for a Christmas present to a boater.

John Crouse, Dick Genth, Yachting magazine, Jim Wynne, Mike Gordon, the Beatles, Chubby Brown, Walt Walters, the Donzi sweet 16, Bobby Moore, Knocky House, the models, some of the tricks, the Wyn-Mill II, the Banana  boat, outboards, inboards, I/O, Mercury Marine, Magnum Missile, Molinari, Carl Kiekhaefer, Aeromarine, Roger Penske, Betty Cook, and Mark Donohue are all in the book.

It is a who’s who of power boating and power boat racing offshore. A real history of the racing scene.

Don Aronow made the offshore power boat racing scene very early on and made it into the force it is today. He left New Jersey for south Florida while still a young man and built an empire of race wins, trophies, championships, boat building companies, showmanship, and hard work.

It is only really available on the collector book market. The ISBN number is 0945903227.

Get a nice one and have a good look all at the photos and a good read from the material that Michael shares about a rare man in the boating business in this boating book.

Burger Boat Company made early wood power boats

They made their first power pleasure yacht (or cruiser), Vernon Jr., which was 85 feet in 1901. This led to a full order book for wood power boats and yachts in the “under 100’ size” during the first 10 years of the 20th century. It was the foundation of an American Heartland wood power boat building force from a visionary master boat builder.

They built pleasure, commercial, and government wood power boats for many years during the 1920s and during the depression. A series of 90’ power tug boats as well as minesweepers and subchasers added to their reputation as a quality power boat builder. They also created a few sailboats at this time.

Metal came to the Burger Boat Company with advances in welding. This was at the end of the depression era. The first metal boat for Burger Yacht builders was a ketch sailing vessel designed by a famous naval architect. She was a 81’ steel yacht. It was 1941 that saw the first steel power motor boat, Pilgrim, a 65’ flush deck design.

Aluminum joined steel in the selection of metals in a alumium 36’ power cruiser. The alumium sailing yacht Dyna set world on fire. She was a 58’ yawl built in aluminum. She won the Newport to Bermuda race. This all-alumium boat was calculated to be about 4 tons lighter than she built in wood and 5 tons less than she would displace in the water if steel was choosen as her hull choice.

Aluminum was now the material of choice for Burger Boat Company and power yachts were what they built.

Fast forward to 2011 and beyond; they have a contract for 98’ steel power passenger vessel for dinner cruises and private parties, a 60’ research vessel, and a 129’ (212 ton fully loaded) Alumium power yacht.

Midnight Lace 52 with a Wood Transom overlay

No discussion about this yacht should happen without a mention about its yacht designer, Tom Fexas. He used some extra ordinary design skills, grand style, and technical acumen to create a special yacht in the Midnight Lace boats. He first used his thoughts about fast power cruising using modest power in his 44’ Midnight Lace model. I have driven an example of one of those cruisers in the Pacific Ocean. A very nice boat, but somewhat under powered as that one had twin small Renault engines under its cockpit. The Renaults also were smoky engines on that 44’ boat cruise and that was a fairly big issue to me at that time.Tom Fexas made a fast yacht in the Midnight Lace 52 by watching the hull weight and its balance along with a easy to push, narrow beam hull shape.

He has said that the design was “inspired…by the slippery old hulls…of the rumrunners” and the yacht designs of Consolidated and Elco boats.

She is a 52’ yacht with less than 10 tons in displacement! Her 13’ beam makes her narrow compared to other boats of this length. Yet the boat has a double berth master with its own head (with a short bath tub). Plus, a private guest stateroom that has two single berths and there is also a fully found second head.

Cheoy Lee built this yacht in 1983 using the latest fiberglass construction with coring for a light weight composite hull. They constructed a glorious interior to match her exterior design. She has since been updated and her equipment has been generously replaced as needed by an attentive yacht owner.

Oh yah, I saved the best for last…a Midnight Lace is a bow rider.

The photos are from that has this yacht currently for sale.

Baglietto: the wood yachts and speed boats

66' Baglietto for sale at

Baglietto is a shipyard that builds and has built fine mega yachts, motor yachts, and speed boats in its home country of Italy.

Baglietto was founded as a boat builder in 1854. They relocated to a waterfront wood boat building plant in around 1890. They built sail boats there and then crafted their first motor boat in 1906. At that time, it has been said that such an antique and classic wood craft would be called an automotive boat.

During the nineteen teens and the nineteen twenties they mostly made government boats and seaplanes. By the 1950s they were known for their speedboats as well as motor yachts with sailboats. They made sail craft, it seems, until about the middle of 1956.

Baglietto used mahogany, iroko, and teak for their wood boats. They also used plywood by the 1960s in their yachts, cruisers, and day boats.

In the 1970s, Baglietto changed to aluminum as their preferred boat building matieral. This was also the intial time that the ship yard built mega yachts.

New Cigarette Engine Hatch for 2012

a new Cigarette for 2012


 Cigarette Racing or Cigarette Boats has a new hatch with a special air intake treatment for their 1400 Hp powered Top Gun model.  It features the newest outdrive from Mercury Marine or Mercruiser division of Brunswick.

This hatch is the latest method to get dense air into the engine room and therefore the engine for more boating power.

Cigarette is noted for top shelf race boats and innovation in pleasure boating.  See a 2012 model year Cigarette wherever you can, its worth a look.

New electronics, new colors, and new interiors are very nice, but hot boats, real Hot Boats, are really about performance on the water.

Cigarette Racing is a built in Florida boat, the east coast of Florida. Its is and in the center of fast boats and safe and durable speed on the water.

Other models of Cigarette Racing Boats are made for open water cruising or for offshore fishing.

3 million square feet of Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, lives up to its nickname as “Yachting Capital of the World”, hosting the 51st Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on October 28-November 1, 2010. With more than 3 million square feet of space over five locations, the show’s transportation network of bus shuttles, water taxis, and riverboats ensures attendees can easily navigate the boat show and its expansive waterways system.

Show exhibits range from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yachts. A wide variety of boats and sea vessels will be on display including runabouts, sportfishers, high performance boats, center consoles, cabin cruisers, flats boats, skiffs, express cruisers, sailing yachts, motor yachts, bowriders, catamarans, ski boats, jet boats, trawlers, inflatables, canoes, and extraordinary superyachts. Added attractions include The Blue Wild Dive Show, IGFA’s School of Sportfishing and Hook the Future’s Kids Fishing Clinics.

Boat Sales, latest data, inboard cruisers

2000 10,300 units

2001 10,800 units

2002 10,200 units

2003 8,100 units

2004 8,600 units

2005 7,800 units

2006 6,900 units

2007 6,200 units

2008 4,200 units

2009 3,000 units

Truth in Advertising in boats sales

How about you walk into a boat dealer that advertises that it stocks 15 different models from two different boat builders and realizing that right in the middle of you are finally committed to getting-a-boat action statement or your boat buying process, that the retail boat dealer’s company ad or the boat dealer web site said something and presented a far different image in your mind than what you drove all that way to see, buy, and enjoy cruising /water sports on the water, RIGHT NOW.

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