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Boat Sales, latest data for USA

Sail craft, 2009, 5,400 units

Power boats, 2009, 223,250 units

 Note: there is some rounding in these numbers

Mercury Marine 8.2 engine, First Boat / Engine Test

Push the throttle down from idle speed in a 7,500 lb. boat in South Florida and feel the surge. She gets going quickly. It’s the camshaft profile, the 502 cubic inch big block size, the Bravo III x, and the Mercury Racing XR prop set, all working together to provide the family boater with the newest engine from Mercury Mercruiser Marine.

Take the tach up to 2,500 – 3,000 rpm and let the boat settle down to a speed at that rpm. Now push that throttle down again and feel the biggest difference between the now out-of-production 496 Mercury big block and the newest Merc big block engine.

The surge that pushes you back in your seat at 3,000 rpm is the biggest seat-of-the-pants experience that most boaters will feel the first time they get to try a 8.2 Mercruiser inboard outboard.

Yes, the 8.2 is quiet, smooth, and even pretty to look at. The Catalytic Converters (one for each cylinder bank in a V-8) in the exhaust make it quieter than a big block without them. Next, its so pretty to look at for a boater than we had to stop to just gaze at it in the engine compartment and how Mercury laid out everything on this boat engine. They make this one from scratch, unlike the now out-of-production GM Mercury Marine 496 engine.

See this Mercury Marine engine for yourself here…

or, here from 3/25 – 3/28 at the Marina Del Ray Cobalt booth…

ask for Patrick, in either case.

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Yamaha Outboard Specials

Short Sale on Boat Inventory

this says it all…

SunDance Marine Authorized to Short Sale all Inventory!
• SunDance Marine to accept bids on all existing inventory below invoice cost.
• All Purchases must be cash or pre-approved financing.
• All engine and manufacturer warranties remain in effect.
• All 2007, 2008 and 2009 existing Inventory, as equipped.
• Manufacturers include Wellcraft (including Scarab models), SilvertonRegalFormulaOceanVenture
• Program authorized for existing inventory only and will not be approved on new orders.
• Program covers all SunDance Marine, Inc. inventory as of July 1, 2009, and listed on SunDance Marine website: