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Mercury Racing new 1,300 Hp engine package

Short version; massive power and a unique torque curve that does not “curve” and thus it is re-named: Torque Mesa (or Mesa, for a one word title). It’s the biggest thing about this new Mercury Racing engine, transmission, and outdrive and that drove the internal secret code name for Merc Racing…Project Mesa.

Spec version; a 6,500 rpm red-line, 4.57 bore and a 4.21 stroke gives boaters a 9.0 liter V-8 with 4 cams, four-valves per cylinder, and turbo-charged engine that computer controls boost and torque at high rpms.

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2010 POWERBOAT P1 upcoming at Yalta


The 2010 Powerboat P1 World Championship will launch in Yalta, Ukraine May 7, as the first event of the upcoming season.

“We are very much looking forward to the opportunity to open the season in the Ukraine in May, given the country’s impressive powerboating heritage and passion for Powerboat P1,” Wicks added, “Starting a couple of weeks later buys the teams a little more time to prepare for the season and fortunately we have a number of alternative venues eager to secure the rights to stage a replacement round. We will be making an announcement shortly about a further event to be added to the calendar.”

The president of Ukraine’s Powerboat Federation, Viktor Shemchuk, reported, “We are very happy to open the 2010 season for Powerboat P1 — it will be an honor and a privilege to do so.”

With more than 20 teams confirmed, the 2010 P1 World Championship promises to be one of the most exciting in Powerboat P1’s eight-year history.

(photo from prior year)