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Many boaters have concerns about cutting holes in their vessels, whether they are composite, steel or aluminum, for the installation of accessories, such as underwater lights.  The world leader in underwater lighting Aqualuma, offers a thru-hull range with a variety of features that easily address any owner’s doubts.
The molded polymer housing, which is virtually unbreakable, ensures boaters will have no fears about the strength of the light once it’s installed.  Also, Aqualuma’s thru-hull range is the only non-corrosive light available on the market.  Another benefit of the exceptionally strong polymer housing is its resistance to scratching and high impact, unlike glass underwater lights.
While surface-mount lights require haul-out for servicing, the company’s thru-hull range can easily be examined from inside the vessel, saving owners money.  Due to its extensive R&D efforts, Aqualuma is at the forefront of LED technology and offers boaters a unique upgrade program.  It utilizes the existing polymer housing and upgrades the light’s engine and driver, so boaters can enjoy the advances in underwater lighting without the added cost of haul-out or brand new housing
Aqualuma’s thru-hull range offers a best-in-class three-year warranty, as well as any light upgrade purchases.  The thru-hull range is available in the 1, 3 and 6 series in ultra blue, white or green to color the waters around a boater’s vessel.

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