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Absolutely the best BOAT hose you can buy.

Absolutely the best BOAT hose you can buy.

  • Lead-free: Complies with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for lead content
  • Manufactured with patented NTS® Reflex Mesh® technology to eliminate kinks, twists & tangles
  • Grip-Tite® couping for an easy, leak free connection at the faucet
  • ThumThing® coupling for easier attachment to the faucet (1/2″ diameter only)
  • Manufactured with F.D.A. sanctioned materials
  • Drinking Water Safe
  • Available in 5/8″ diameter in 25′, 50′, & 75′ lengths.
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in USA


1. Always rinse down the area to be cleaned prior to washing. This helps remove any loose surface grime preventing you from scrubbing it into the finish.

2. “Dirty” rain can leave black streaks. Try to wash them off immediately. The sooner you do it, the easier they will be to remove.

3. Less is more when it comes to mixing soap with water. Too much soap will make it hard to rinse leaving soap scum.

4. Wash early or late in the day, avoiding intense sunlight will make it easier to clean because the areas you are working on won’t dry too quickly.

5. Once everything is clean, wax or polish it to make the next cleaning easier. Keep a good coat of wax on all metal hardware to prevent corrosion. You’ll recoup the cost of all the cleaning, polishing and waxing products you use in your investment’s resale value.

6. To help prevent corrosion on seals, hinges, snaps and zippers, they should be coated with water-resistant lubricant