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Bow Thruster in a wood boat?

wood boat photo

The advantage of controlling the bow position and the location of the bow around the marina in a single engine, single propeller boat is an over-whelming experience the first couple of times you are at the helm of a classic wood boat equipped with a bow thruster. Suddenly, anyone can dock the boat. Even in a cross wind.

Most would think that such an option is disrespecting what was made back when the beauty of wood, leather, and chrome over brass fittings on the water was the only choice for boating. If your boat is to sit on a trailer, I agree. If you want to use your mahogany runabout, I disagree. It is like using a modern bilge pump, converting a 6 volt system to one that uses a 12 volt one, having new PFDs, or a safer, better carburetor in a classic that is used for grand touring around a lake or bay.

Hand built, mahogany wood runabouts or bow riders are now being built by master craftsmen and those boat builders often can be talked into including a bow thruster in a new boat for you. Just think, the ride, the feel, the performance of a bright finished, stained mahogany runabout that is easy to captain. All the style and quality of a good wooden boat with the performance ease, and use-ability of the latest functional boating accessories built in.

Here is a triple cockpit wood boat that also has a no-soak bottom. A reliable, modern engine and operating systems in a classic wood boat. One gets the stares and looks from other boaters and from folks just walking around the marina without the troubles of a 60 year old classic.

2012 wood boat photo

2012 wood boat photo triple cockpit

2012 inboard boat wood classic boat

new indoor showroom of wood boats at lake George

Steinway “piano” boats

In 1888 William Steinway, owner of Steinway Pianos, bought the north american rights to the otto engine  of Daimler. Bill figured that his wood workers could build a wood boat and the engines fitted in such a boat would make for a nice package.

By 1892 he was building a 42 footer and a 50 footer. There was a recession in 1893 and the boat building activity suffered. Then Bill Steinway died in early 1896.

The company then only continued along  for a bit as a non-on-going pace.

Daimler then pretty much threw out what he in engine making and selling and made a deal with a Mr. Jellinek, made a new deal and added the name of Jellinek’s daughter, Mercedes.

Top Theft Items

The top three most common items stolen from boats over the winter are:

  1. Electronics: To avoid a theft, it is worth your time and energy to remove electronics and store them at home. If they are permanently installed, record ownership information including model and serial numbers.  Photos may also assist with a potential recovery or insurance claim.
  2. Outboards: Small outboards should always be removed and stored in a secure location, such as your locked garage or basement. Larger outboards should have a lock installed.
  3. Outdrives: Again, the best way to avoid this type of theft is to remove the unit and store in a safe location and ensure the serial number is recorded. If it will not be removed, install an out drive lock.

From BoatUS

Boat Anchors and boat gear, Fortress and others

In test after test, from coast to coast and from around the world, no anchor in history has been called “The World’s Best Anchor” by more boaters and respected marine experts than Fortress…and for good reason.

Years of research and development, high-tech materials and manufacturing and thousands of real world tests are your assurance of performance, quality, and value. Fortress weighs only half as much as heavier steel anchors and yet outperforms them all.

Why? Because the Fortress design does not depend upon weight to provide world class performance. All this adds up to your best value in anchoring safety

Good, no, great, boat Anchor

Southern Crown Boatworks parts supplier


This is a highly thought of source for the hard-to-get supplies.

They will be at the Sunnyland ACBS Show this March. BTW, Bill is a long-time support of the ACBS with advertising and time commitments.

Call Southern Crown Boatworks to see what they have that they may be able to save you the cost and hassle of some shipping some supplies.

Southern Crown Boatworks
1865 McGarity Road
McDonough,GA 30252

Toll Free (800) 746-3857
Local (770) 288-2210
Fax (770) 288-2212

Palm Beach Boat Show March 25 – 28, 2010

seabuddy says its a big and important show. Often the last chance to make a real deal on a new or brokerage boat. A good size amount of boats, accessories, and boat gear on land, plus a huge layout of boats in the water.

The 25th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 25 – 28, 2010, is one of the top ten boat shows in the country – featuring more than $350 million worth of boats, yachts and accessories from the world’s leading marine manufacturers. It is truly an International Show. The event includes hundreds of Boats from 8 foot inflatables, power boats, fishing boats, center consoles, bow riders, personal watercraft to superyachts over 150’.

Raymarine is Coming to Miami!

The 2010 Miami International Boat Show starts Thursday, February 11 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. If you’re coming to the show, please be sure to stop by and visit us in booths A100 and A95.  We have a new exhibit this year featuring all of our latest technologies including E-Series Widescreen with HybridTouch, ST70 Plus Instruments and more.

Mildew STAIN remover new bottle, KEEPS QUALITY FORMULA

Labels can be misleading.  Thetford Marine has changed the name of its powerful Mildew Stain Remover to Multi-Purpose Stain Remover, better indicating just how many different types of stains it can eliminate.  DfE-recognized, this cleaner still features the same biodegradable formula with an added oxygenating power. Read the rest of this entry »


Many boaters have concerns about cutting holes in their vessels, whether they are composite, steel or aluminum, for the installation of accessories, such as underwater lights.  The world leader in underwater lighting Aqualuma, offers a thru-hull range with a variety of features that easily address any owner’s doubts.
The molded polymer housing, which is virtually unbreakable, ensures boaters will have no fears about the strength of the light once it’s installed.  Also, Aqualuma’s thru-hull range is the only non-corrosive light available on the market.  Another benefit of the exceptionally strong polymer housing is its resistance to scratching and high impact, unlike glass underwater lights.
While surface-mount lights require haul-out for servicing, the company’s thru-hull range can easily be examined from inside the vessel, saving owners money.  Due to its extensive R&D efforts, Aqualuma is at the forefront of LED technology and offers boaters a unique upgrade program.  It utilizes the existing polymer housing and upgrades the light’s engine and driver, so boaters can enjoy the advances in underwater lighting without the added cost of haul-out or brand new housing
Aqualuma’s thru-hull range offers a best-in-class three-year warranty, as well as any light upgrade purchases.  The thru-hull range is available in the 1, 3 and 6 series in ultra blue, white or green to color the waters around a boater’s vessel.

Booth number 1679 at the…